The Best Keepsake Gifts For a New Baby

New babies are so much fun to shop for. First of all, they don’t exactly have an opinion in the clothes they wear, and second of all almost anything can entertain the little ones. When gifting for a newborn, it’s more important that the parents like the gift so that they can get some use out of it. Of course they’re going to appreciate gift cards to buy diapers with or the larger ticket items like strollers and cribs; but isn’t it more fun to give something that’s unique?

Babies grow out of their little newborn outfits so quickly, and even toys don’t stick around for more than a few months. Keepsake gifts on the other hand are perfect for parents or the child to look back on and remember those early days. If you want to be different when it comes to executing those gift-giving skills, you might want to take a look at this short list of some of the best keepsake gifts that will last a lifetime. 

This is the perfect gift for a family that’s modern and minimalist. The newborn poster mimics the actual size of the baby at birth and is personalized with other information regarding that special day. You can add the baby’s name, length, and weight, along with his or her date and time of birth. The poster is printed on thick paper and gives you the option of a matte or velvet rag finish. The perfect gift for hanging up in the newborn’s nursery, you can find this item on Read Your Story’s website.

Another personal gift, these books are some of the best-personalized children's books on the market. The book that’s offered for ages 0-3 is called ABC’s With Me! The book takes the child on a journey with them in the driver’s seat. With pictures of the child along with mentions of their name, they’re truly the star of the show. This book has won the Gold Mom’s Choice Award, the Bronze Moonbeam Award, and the Creative Child Magazine 2017 “Preferred Choice” Award.

This is an awesome addition to any nursery and can be customized to have the baby’s name imprinted onto it. The canvas comes in either blue or pink and in sizes of 11 x 14 or 16 x 16. The canvas is illuminated by LED lights placed behind it and can be turned on or off with the press of a button. This gift can act as a nightlight or simply wall décor.

This quilt takes on a very old tradition and twists it into a beautiful modern quilt. In China, friends of the family having the new baby gift a piece of a quilt that’s then put together for the newborn, wishing it good fortune in the world. This quilt is hand crafted with a personalized 2-line message. The quilt comes in two colors, pink or blue, and is made special to order.

This picture frame is sold by Pottery Barn Kids and fits in with any décor theme. The white frame has a large picture on top, followed by 12 smaller pictures underneath, one to represent each month of the baby’s first year. This is a frame that would truly last a lifetime, as its design is timeless.

This stuffed elephant is different from all the other ones out there. Not only can it be personalized to read the baby’s name right on its arm, but it’s also animated. The elephant can play peek-a-boo and sing “Do Your Ears Hang Low”. It’s a great toy to interact with and is sure to quickly become the baby’s favorite.

Baby gift ideas are basically endless, which is why it’s fun to get creative!