Custom Essay Writing Service Speaks: 3 Films about Writing that Will Make You Grab a Pen

Even if you like to write, sometimes you probably feel unmotivated and cannot force yourself to finally take that pen and start working, even if you have an assignment to do, and the deadline is drawing nearer. If you ask yourself, “What can give me inspiration to finish my work?” we may be able to help. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to go on writing is to watch a movie about writing. With so many subscription services available nowadays, getting the necessary movie isn’t going to be a problem. So, what are the titles best suited to get you out of a rut?
Custom Essay Writing Service Speaks: 3 Films about Writing that Will Make You Grab a Pen

  • Custom Essays: Fight Writer’s Block and Practice Custom Essays with The Lost Weekend
Don Birnam, an alcoholic writer trying to write a novel about his alcoholism ends up going on a binge for four days, almost completely ruining his life in the process. This movie is an excellent demonstration that the idea of getting inspiration from alcohol isn’t very realistic – Birnam desperately tries to overcome his writer’s block, but whiskey doesn’t help, only making the matters worse. In the end, it is the age-old advice that gets him moving: if you don’t know what to write, start writing anything. Let words flow, and you will soon find it difficult to contain them.
  • Teach Yourself Consistency with Julie & Julia
The main character, Julie Powell, starts a blog to document her effort to use every recipe from a book on French cuisine. This movie is especially useful for those who take their writing efforts online, into the realm of blogging. At first Julie is depressed as nobody but her mother is interested in her writing, but consistent effort helps her build up an audience and become an authority in her own right – which is a lesson many of us can do well to learn.
  • Learn the Power of Words with Ace in the Hole
Chuck Tatum, a formerly famous reporter from a big newspaper, ends up working for a small provincial newspaper. Willing to find his way back into his former editor’s graces he creates a sensation out of a story about a man trapped underground by a cave-in, artificially prolongs the rescue attempt and turns it into a full-blown carnival, with very unpleasant consequences for all concerned. An excellent illustration of how powerful writing can be, especially in unscrupulous hands.

What to Do if Anything Else Fails

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