Enact Law For Safety Of Soldiers Of Jammu And Kashmir

It is most hurting to see that in India, the soldiers who hail from Jammu and Kashmir and who join forces either in Army or in CRPF or in BSF or in police or in any other forces against the will of majority of those who hate India and enjoy stone pelting at forces are being mocked at repeatedly by Centre by just not providing any security to them and their family! In just few days we keep hearing soldiers from Jammu and Kashmir having been abducted at gun point and then tortured and then killed! Centre proudly spends more than Rs 560 crore on Hurriyat leaders who just hate India and always rant against India and openly swear loyalty with Pakistan but is not prepared to spend even a small mount on safety of soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir! Soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir are being repeatedly abducted from their home itself and then killed after bring tortured yet we see neither Centre nor Opposition taking it seriously! 

Truth be told, the latest to be killed is police constable Mohammad Salim Shah who was killed by suspected militants after his abduction on night of July 20 from his house. His multiple bullet injuries was found on July 21 afternoon in Qaimoh village of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district! He was brutally tortured and he was videographed which was later sent to all news channels just like in case of earlier killings so that no one from Jammu and Kashmir join forces!

Be it noted, Salim had been recently promoted and was working as a Special Police Officer and was undergoing training in Kathua! He had come home in Muthalhama of Kulgam district on leave. He is the 25th policemen killed by militants in Jammu and Kashmir this year! 

What is most reprehensible to note is that Centre and Opposition both are not raising this and feel that there is nothing wrong in spending more than Rs 560 crore on security of Hurriyat leaders whom militants always hail and feel no need to provide security to soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir! As if this is not enough, even Supreme Court whom we all or at least I can say for myself consider as “Living God” too just says nothing on it even though it feels very angry on mob killing and mob lynching which certainly deserves to be condemned in the strongest terms! But why this deafening silence on soldiers killings and stone pelters who pelt stone in favour of terrorists?

To be sure, we all saw how earlier this month in July, another police constable Javed Ahmad Dar too was abducted from his vehicle at Vehil in Shopian district and killed after being tortured by militants yet Centre feels we should just relax because at least Hurriyat leaders are safe on whom crores are being spent for their security! As if this was not enough, in June an Army soldier Aurangzeb Khan was also abducted from a private vehicle when he was going home for Eid in Shopian. His body was recovered from a Pulwama village. He was killed after being tortured similarly as he fearlessly admitted that along with Major Shukla he was responsible for killing of many terrorists! 

Bluntly put: A brave and die hard nationalist like Aurangzeb Khan can never die. His life is the biggest offering that he himself voluntarily sacrificed for the nation! No weapon, no terrorist, no Pakistan, no China or any other country can ever kill the likes of brave soldiers like Aurangzeb of 44 RR who belonged to 4 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry at Shadimarg in Shopian and hailed from the village Salani in Poonch district of Jammu.

Any Indian who does not feel to salute Aurangzeb can never be a true Indian! What Aurangzeb has done so willingly cannot be done even by me and I candidly acknowledge this! No award, no Bharat Ratna, no Nobel Prize, no Paramveer Chakra or any other award can ever honour Aurangzeb because Aurangzeb stands tallest above all these petty awards!

Even after being captured by terrorists and even after being tied to a tree, he did not show any sign of fear nor did he plead to be spared. He voluntarily acknowledged his brave role in eliminating several terrorists along with Maj Shukla when cross questioned by terrorists without showing any sign of fear! He could have blamed others for killing terrorists and could have escaped being killed but he dared to confront them and didn’t fear for his life nor pleaded for mercy!

Aurangzeb is our national pride, national icon and no politician, no political party can ever mock at him by denying him any award because he stands above all such petty considerations and his supreme sacrifice is the biggest testimony to it. The biggest tribute that we can pay to Aurangzeb is by adopting zero tolerance policy towards terrorists and Pakistan! No license should ever again be given to Pakistan or terrorists in the name of Ramzan to kill our soldiers by ordering forces to take no action against them because this tantamount to mocking at Ramzan which under no circumstances can ever be associated with terrorists and Pakistan who leave no opportunity to slaughter our citizens and soldiers whenever they get any opportunity to do so! Why was this unfettered license given to Pakistan and terrorists knowing fully well what they do as they have done in past also and even former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was compelled to revoke this so called “Ramzan ka ceasefire”? Why Supreme Court also just says nothing on it?

How long will politicians plead ceasefire for terrorists, traitors and Pakistan? How long will politicians plead “talks and dialogues” with these rogues? How long will politicians refuse to learn anything from past experiences like the brutal murder of Lieutenant Umar Fayyaz and continue appeasing terrorists and Pakistan? How long will Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status for Pakistan continue since 1996 unilaterally like unilateral ceasefire till now? How long will Pakistan enjoy benefit of Indus Water Treaty will killing our citizens mercilessly?

Mohammad Haneef Khan who is Aurangzeb’s father who is himself an ex-serviceman stands perfectly justified when he says that, “I want to ask PM Modi if he’s listening to me, why are you appeasing stone-pelters and separatists? Punish the terrorists who killed my son. Why was Ramzan ceasefire announced? Terrorists have no religion, then why operations were stopped against them during Ramzan? Why Pakistani flags are allowed to be waved openly in India?” What Mohammad Haneef has said is perfectly right and no sane person will ever question this!

How can cases be withdrawn suddenly against more than 10,000 stone-pelters by J&K State Government? How can a crime be encouraged openly by a duly elected State Government? How can Centre too endorse it by doing nothing to stop this? Does Centre favour stone pelting on our soldiers! Never saw stone pelting on such a large scale as we are now seeing in PM Narendra Damodardas Modi’s Raj!Why even Supreme Court didn’t intervene and stop Jammu and Kashmir State Government led by former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti from acting against India’s national interests?

Why politicians never want Pakistan to be declared a “terror state” and named “Aatankistan” as demanded by Maulana Mehmood Madani who is leader of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind and MP from Bangalore Rajeev Chandrashekhar even though they demand the same from world at very international forum like UN? What is the real mystery behind this? Why is free license given to “traitors, terrorists and Pakistan” to kill our brave soldiers and others during Ramzan? Is Ramzan meant to kill Indians? How long will leaders fool themselves and this nation?

What is happening now so brazenly in PM Modi’s time in Kashmir is most shocking and still he keeps appearing in fitness challenge along with his cabinet colleagues like Colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who inspite of having an Army background shamelessly does “fitness exercise” even as Pakistan kills many of our BSF soldiers in Samba along with an Assistant Commandant as also Aurangzeb and a senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari who was editor of “Rising Kashmir” and bombards our border areas forcing lakhs to migrate and here too many women and children are killed! Why is all this taken so lightly? We see Rahul and Modi hugging each other in Parliament even as soldiers from Jammu and Kashmiri soldiers are being slaughtered repeatedly as has happened just recently with Mohammad Salim Shah! Pakistan merges PoK with Pakistan but our politicians don’t have the guts to ensure the “full and final merger of J&K with India! Why can’t we also act similarly?

Former CJI JS Khehar while in office as CJI had rightly said that, “How can one country have two flags, two Constitutions, two laws and two citizenship?” Why can’t Centre abrogate Article 370 and Article 35A which are most discriminatory and forbids Indians from outside the state to settle there or even appear in any exam there? What have we gained by it? Flags of Pakistan and ISIS! For how long this disgraceful appeasement will continue? No law, no Constitution, no Judge, no Court not even Supreme Court can be above the unity and integrity of India which has to be ensured under all circumstances!

What message is Centre sending by caring a damn for the repeated killings of our brave soldiers and instead appearing in news channels to issue “fitness challenge” to heroes, heroines, and others? What message is Centre sending by celebrating “Yoga Day” and caring a damn for the anger of the families of our brave soldiers like Aurangzeb who got killed because of this Ramzan ceasefire? Is this the biggest tribute that is being paid to our soldiers? Should we be proud of it? No wonder, more and more soldiers from Jammu and Kashmir are being killed!

Lieutenant Umar Fayyaz who hailed from Kashmir was slaughtered by terrorists last year. DSP Mohammad Ayyub Pandit was posted for security of Hurriyat leaders but he was himself killed after the mob was provoked by some leaders! Stone pelters in Modi’s Raj attack our soldiers openly and their helmets are thrown in gutter after being slapped who still say nothing even while they are fighting terrorists yet Supreme Court says nothing on this even though it speaks about zero tolerance for human rights violations by forces in Manipur! Is this not double standard? Why Centre always want security forces to exercise restraint and restraint and cases are lodged against them for exercising right of self-defence but cases against stone pelters are withdrawn at the drop of a hat yet not just Centre but even Supreme Court just says nothing?

Who is the great military adviser who is advising and guiding our PM and Home Minister to resort to all such foolish and self-destructive actions like Ramzan ceasefire, continuing with MFN status for Pakistan unilaterally, retaining Article 370 and Article 35A, continue spending Rs 560 crore every year from taxpayers money on Hurriyat leaders who openly shout slogans favouring Pakistan while not spending a penny on providing security to soldiers from Jammu and Kashmir, continue allowing Pakistan to take advantage of Indus Water Treaty which Modi had earlier himself criticised and many more such foolish acts? On a concluding note, soldiers like Mohammad Salim and Aurangzeb and other such Jammu and Kashmir soldiers are national icon who inspite of being tortured and beaten brutally pledge loyalty for India and for this are killed finally needs no recommendation or citation or award or anything else from any leader or politician to be respected because every true Indian will salute him always for the supreme sacrifice that he has rendered without any hesitation! But Supreme Court must now speak up very strongly for them by ordering Centre to provide security to them and their family and if this is not done that day is not far when no one from Jammu and Kashmir will ever like to join forces for a thankless nation which believes in providing security for Hurriyat and separatists and spending crores on it but not spending a penny for soldiers who love India and join forces! The earlier this is done, the better it shall be in our national interests! 

Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,

s/o Col BPS Sirohi,

A 82, Defence Enclave,

Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,

Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.