EduPub for Education

The EDUPUB Trademark

The EDUPUB is a trademark of Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd for collaborative effort between organizations responsible for developing, maintaining, and facilitating the implementation of standards important to education.
The EDUPUB is more than the standards organizations under whose umbrella it falls, however; the work is being driven by the publishers, educational institutions, reading system and tool developers and other key stakeholders in the education and publishing arenas who make up these organizations.
The intention of the EDUPUB is not to create Yet Another Standard.

The EPUB for Education Profile

EPUB is designed to broadly accommodate all types of publications and any kind of content. What the education profile does is to add certain specifications and recommendations that optimize an EPUB for education. Thus it adds a few requirements that are optional in EPUB—for example, it requires that its metadata identifies it as an educational publication and documents any accessibility features it contains—and it expands the EPUB Structural Semantics Vocabulary to include terms relevant in education, for example for learning objectives and assessments.