EDUPUB Overview

EduPub an unit of Edupedia Publications is dedicated to digital content in education which has the potential to significantly improve learning outcomes, as it can better support accessibility, adapt to individual learning modes, increase engagement and experiential learning through interactivity, provide immediate assessments and analytics, and increase social connectivity.
To this end, the EduPUB for Education profile defined in this specification represents the effort to adapt the functionality of the EPUB  format to the unique structural, semantic and behavioral requirements of educational publishing of textbooks.
The profile builds on the ePub specification in the following ways:
  • It adds semantics for common educational publishing components and structures.
  • It defines how to include content that may be created external to the narrative text workflow, such as interactives and assessment 
  • It includes accessibility features to enable compliance with educational standards.
  • It enables the identification of discrete content entities.
  • It allows the embedding of shared educational scriptable components.
  • It adds support for annotations.
  • It defines guidelines for the production and inclusion of images.