List of Essential Components You Must Know About a Laptop

What is a RAM?
RAM or Random Access Memory is the best-known form of computer memory. After the CPU (Central Processing Unit); the brain of the computer, RAM is the most vital element in a machine.
What are Various Kinds of RAM?
RAM is of two types Static RAM (SRAM) and Dynamic RAM (DRAM). SRAM is a non-volatile memory and primarily used for the CPU cache. Whereas, DRAM is volatile memory and keeps on refreshing continually. SRAM is fast and more expensive than DRAM.
List of Essential Components You Must Know About a Laptop

Why is Bigger RAM Size Critical for All Sort of Laptops?
Bigger size RAM is essential for a laptop because the speed and performance of a computer depend upon the size of RAM. Higher RAM allows you to perform the most challenging tasks in a faster and more efficient manner. The more is the size of RAM; the higher is the performance level. Also, if your laptop has a bigger RAM size, then you can run multiple computer programs at one time. However, bigger size RAM will cost you more.
What RAM Size You and Your Laptop Need
Every person who uses a laptop understands how essential the RAM size is to perform any task. However, the size of RAM depends upon the usage of a person and what kind of work a person is willing to do on the computer. RAM or Random Access Memory is available in various sizes. Some people require a more significant size RAM; whereas, some need a smaller size RAM.
Generally, the RAM size of 2GB is more than sufficient. However, gamers and professionals who work with heavy graphics such as video editors, architects, layout artists, and website designers require a more significant size RAM. To know more about size specification, below are recommended minimum requirements to run specific programs and operating systems on your PC:
·        For running Windows XP and Mac OS X, Microsoft recommends at least a RAM size of 128MB, but for optimal performance use a RAM size of 512 MB. In case, you use Linux, then you need at least 4 MB of RAM and for Windows Vista, use at least 1Gig of RAM.
·        However, the gaming laptops need bigger size RAM because of heavy video graphics and images. Serious gamers keeping their budget in mind buy RAM of maximum size and choose the fastest machines with the latest Graphics Card. Usually, most players use laptops with eight Gigs of RAM; however, some players opt for 4 Gigs.
What is a Graphics Card?
Graphics Card; also known as VRAM or Video RAM, is a type of RAM especially used for video adapters or 3-D accelerators. VRAM housed in Graphics Card is essential for high resolution and colour depth. As gamers highly require high resolution and colour depth so, they use laptops consisting of Video RAM. Correct multiport VRAM is expensive that is why some Graphics Cards use SGRAM (synchronous graphics RAM). Other kinds of specialised high speed and multi-port memory include WRAM, DDR2, GDDR3 and GDDR4.
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