5 Application Performance Monitoring Tools for Improving User Experience

You may use the same website or even a mobile app, but your user experience could be different from another, who would be on it at the same time, somewhere else or even very close to you. This could depend on many reasons but still the developers of those websites or apps would be under the impression that there are no issues and nonchalantly carry on. Unknown to them the user would find these issues irritable and leave the site and move on.
5 Application Performance Monitoring Tools for Improving User Experience

This should not be happening to you if it is your website or app, because that would be a very good opportunity lost for interaction with a potential and prospective customer. You could avoid and stop such issues by employing the appropriate application performance monitoring tools.
One issue would be that your website or app would be interacting with different operating systems, browsers, devices at separate locations and speeds probably unknown to you. You may employ local testing for the immense quantum of issues faced but they would not be able to fully identify the different problems that your app would be encountering in relation to user experience. Other types of testing would still not disclose the exact problems adequately.
You would need to know accurately how your users are interacting with your apps, hence before you release any of them you would have some prior information which would be accurate. Getting this information by faking the millions who would come onto your website or use your app would not serve your purpose, because the information that you harness should be useful to you.
In the context we list the following five application performance monitoring tools which would monitor your website or app from the time of production and after, ensuring the right information is forthcoming to you.

#1. Raygun

This tool would give you a great insight of how your software applications are behaving and what user experience they are providing to the many users would come onto your website or app. Whatever your users experience like performance problems, crashes, different types of errors would be specifically focused by it. Raygun would also efficiently group all errors that occur, under one umbrella ensuring you are not overwhelmed by an avalanche of notifications.
This tool would provide you observe page performance breakdowns, to separate and see how the user experience is behaving, which were the user sessions that caused the delayed loading of pages of the mobile apps and a host of other information to correct the issues you would be encountering.

#2. New Relic

This tool would track individual user interactions on your apps with its inherent User Interaction Traces feature which would give you visual timelines of all user activity including in detail how you app would utilize memory, database and the CPU. This would also provide information as to how different links are optimized and to ensure everything is efficiently executed.
You would have a load of information as to how your apps interact with the users, monitor their experiences, seek out any adverse issues that they would encounter specifically before they become major issues and get out of hand. Though this tool may have some inherent issues which would not place it on par with some of the other tools in this category the advantage it has is that it could be coupled with some other tools.
It joins up with Raygun to ensure you get a hybrid sort of problem seeking out tool which would then both together far above the rest of the field. This hybrid would give you a host of insights into detailed user experiences and a multitude of other advantages.

#3. Pingdom

Some apps would do well in certain geographical areas of the world hence if you notice that it is running at snail’s pace in such locations you would to have firsthand information about it and not to be shelved under the carpet. Hence real user monitoring tools would be important to ensure that they are identified with their issues in those specific areas.
The advantage with this tool is that data could be filtered and each area studied individually to enable better targeted action and ensure that levels of performance is above average and the more important users get due preference. It would also specifically alert you when there are issues that need to be attended to urgently. This user friendly tool secures the ability of your many users to engage with you ensuring their ability to engage on your website or app without any obstructions.  

#4. Datadog

Would want to observe all user experiences and other issues in a nutshell without much of a fuss and does it quite well. It also has the ability to integrate with other similar tools easily and with efficiency. These provide which other tools would be unable to match.
This tool could specifically identify bona fide users and what issues they faced trying to engage with your website or app which would enable to see top customers and what issues that they faced too. It could pick up email addresses and compile a user profile, which would also show the user’s negative experiences, and the way they did try to engage with you.
This tool has a specialty which other tools lack and that is it has a wide variety of functions which would give it a slight edge which are also very simple to use. It could also collaborate easily with other tools and is generally compatible for better optimized interaction with the information available together and in easy to use functionality.

#5. AppDynamics

This is a multifaceted tool which would provide the right tools and also end user monitoring to enable better end results that others may not be able to provide. It has some advantages which could ensure better user experience and closer interaction. It has the ability to understand and work within many languages which would support the apps that you would be using to handle and execute you apps.
Collecting data from the various mobile devices and other apps and browsers would be part of what this versatile tool could handle all at the same time. It is generally comfortable with any apps and has the ability to log messages back and log any of the transactions that are taking place.
This would pick up the data that is established and carry out the information to enable better interactions between the user and your operation of the apps.


To have absolutely perfect information is vital if you are to ensure a user friendly platform for your website and apps and that is exactly what these provide and which could be employed to improve your services.