5 Best MCAT Prep Books That Can Help You to Pass the Exam

As you already got to know from the title of this post, we are going to introduce you to the 5 best MCAT prep books that can help you to pass the exam at your very first approach. If you are yet to collect all your MCAT study materials, we assure, this post is indeed worth reading. So, if you are one of those students looking forward to sitting for the MCAT test, this post is exclusively for you. Let's jump right in!
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1.      Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2019-2020:

‘Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Review’ is one of the best-selling books available in the market for preparing oneself for the MCAT exam. Some say that it is by far the best book or the best set of books among the other MCAT study materials.
The books offer you detailed diagrams, finely designed layouts and graphics along with eye-catching illustrations of every information. The language is lucid and that’s why the book is easily understandable. There are a good number of practice questions as well as tests included in these sets of books. The updated version of this book is now available in the market and online. Don’t wait to grab yours!

2.      Exam Crackers MCAT Complete Study Package 10th Edition:

These particular sets of books are one of the most popular books for the MCAT prep course. With this MCAT study materials, you will come to know about the key information on every subject. The language is precise yet understandable.
It saves your time as the books include the contents that are highly important and don't offer unnecessary information. These books can be the best choice When you have less time in your hand for preparing yourself for the MCAT exam.
There is a funny mascot designed for you to get rid of boredom as well. The information in these books is concise yet very helpful. And, don’t worry about the previous errors as they have already been corrected in the new edition.

3.      Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set:

Do you have very limited time to get prepared for the MCAT exam? Then this book can be your best friend. You’ll get here everything that you need to pass the exam. There are three practice tests in the book which are very much helpful.
You can find sample questions for the MCAT exam at the end of every chapter to enhance your knowledge about all the contents. It includes an in-depth information of all the subjects and some visual aids to assist you practically. However, this book is more useful for beginners.

4.      Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Tests:

Another helpful book for the MCAT exam is the Sterling Test Prep Book. The particular book allows you to have detailed information with meaningful explanations of the contents. There are 4 practice tests included in the book that helps you to have a solid preparation for the MCAT exam.
The answers given here are explained in such a way that anyone can understand the meaning clearly. Besides, it can help you to clear your concepts on certain confusing ideas as well. This particular course materials are written following the real questions. Moreover, you can have easy access to the online courses through this book and compare your score with your friends which is indeed a plus point.

5.      The Berkeley Review MCAT Complete Set-10 Books:

Though not that much popular like the previous ones as stated above, this particular book gets sold out quickly whenever available because of the materials it contains. The topics are written in a very specific and in-depth way.
The book is appreciated by dint of its informative review questions that make the book a practice test book. There are one hundred plus questions added at the end of each chapter like a summary which completes the understanding of the topics each chapter cover. Apart from these, it includes 3500 practice questions that imitate the real MCAT questions which can take your preparation to the next level.