Missed Out on a Scholarship? 5 Online Jobs That Can Pay for Your College

Everything’s a whole lot more expensive without a scholarship. If you weren’t a wiz kid during your younger years, you probably didn’t land a big scholarship that would help you pay for school and offset your living expenses. As a college student, it’s hard to go out and find a high paying job while devoting so much of your time and energy towards college classes. Don’t feel discouraged. There are several simple ways that students can make some money to pay for books and food that’s more nutritious than instant noodles.

1. Tutoring
If you’re strong in a particular subject, start tutoring it. You can start by tutoring students you attend college with or tutor people anywhere in the world via the internet. You can tutor people in academic subjects, or even help them develop other skills. If you’re an excellent web designer, you can teach people your trade. Almost any knowledge you have can be passed on to someone else for a profit. If you don’t have time to provide live tutoring sessions, you can create and sell (or monetize) tutorial video content to help others learn from you.
2. Freelance Writing
The gig economy and the sharing economy have changed the way a lot of people work. Freelancing is on the rise, and you can freelance too. Freelance writing is one of the easiest jobs a college student can do. You’re already used to writing papers and being held to a high standard. Think about what you do for class every day, and start doing it for money. You can write academic papers, advertising copy, or blog posts. If you’re good at it, you can make as much as you would from a secure full time job.
3. Social Media Jobs
Brands love to hire college students to manage their social media profiles. They want younger people who are familiar with social media platforms and the kinds of technology used to keep them running. One of the best things about social media jobs is that they’re relatively easy to find. Businesses post openings on job boards all the time – you don’t need to know someone who works at the company to land a position running their Facebook or Instagram accounts.
4. Teaching English
The world can’t have enough English teachers. In countries where English is not the primary language, it’s usually one of the most popular secondary languages. People with international businesses looking to expand and people who want excellent job opportunities with those businesses need an English teacher. Some companies even help you relocate abroad if you have a knack for teaching your native language. If you want to travel for your semester off, you might be able to do it for free if you’ve developed an excellent reputation teaching English. You can do it from the comfort of your own desk if school has you stuck in your home country.
5. Transcribing
Transcribing might come as second nature to many college students. You’re used to taking notes at a rapid pace while your educators are imparting knowledge upon you. Do the same thing with audio files to make a few bucks with your laptop. Businesses often want marketing focus groups or meetings transcribed. Video content creators are always looking for people to transcribe their content for captions that assist the hearing impaired. If you’re a good listener and a fast typist, you might be surprised how much you can make.

Though many of the job opportunities are unconventional, there’s always a way for college students to make enough money to offset their expenses while they’re working towards building a brighter career future.

About the author:
Sienna Walker is a staunch supporter of constant self-improvement, and a great fan of motivational speeches.  Having worked as an educator, Sienna understand the challenges students all over the world face, and often spends time online, sharing her tips and suggestions with them. Feel free to reach out to her on @SiennaWalkerS.