Sleepless nights before the exam?

Unable to recall things during the exam and then recalled everything afterwards?
Mind-freeze during the exam?
Exam anxiety is that unbearable feeling of intense fear or panic before an exam. No matter how much hard work you have put in, the D Day exam anxiety leaves you all numb and blank.
Impact of high anxiety
Although, certain amount of anxiety is important for good performance but when it increases to higher levels, it starts hampering the performance rather.
It becomes difficult to focus on the task at hand. There is difficulty in comprehending relatively simple instructions and trouble in recalling relevant information.
There are many students who put in their hard work for the most difficult exams like JEE, BITSAT, PMT etc but do not get desired results due to exam anxiety.
Ways to cure exam anxiety
When there is a problem, there is a solution too. There are various ways to help you with the exam anxiety. Go, try them yourself and see:
1)      Breathe calmly and relax yourself
Relax and take deep breaths to release the anxiety. Use some of the Stress Buster exercises such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation.
2)      Engage yourself in positive self-talk
Confidence plays the key role. If you have enough confidence, you will stop fearing of the unseen and unknown. Have a positive self-talk session to boost your confidence. Learn and practice over time, how to challenge your negative thoughts
3)      Maintain a healthy lifestyle
Do aerobic exercises on a regular basis. Don’t forget to stretch your body when you are putting in long study hours. Take 7-8 hours of sleep and don’t change your sleeping pattern days before your exam. Avoid junk food. Follow a balanced and nutritious eating routine. Avoid substances that increase anxiety: Coffee, Sugar, Tea
4)      Study effectively
Planning your day and organizing your academic schedule is important to reduce anxiety at last moment. Study in 50-minute slots with 10-minute relaxation breaks for better concentration and high retention power. Learn memory enhancement techniques. Practice for your exam in the real test environment so that your body clock gets adjusted to the actual exam day

Anxiety Reduction techniques

      Relaxation is more important than entertainment. So, whenever you get time, try relaxing your mind and body
      Train your mind to stay in present moment. This can be done by focusing over your breaths
      Motivate yourself and own your goal
      Increase your self-esteem
      While preparing for the exam, visualize a positive exam-writing experience

What to do during the exam

      Do a positive self-talk when you enter the exam hall
      Read through the exam at the beginning and figure out how much time to spend on each question
      To build confidence, start with the subject you know rather than focusing on the ones you don’t
      Wear a watch to monitor your time
      Don’t distract your mind by thinking about the consequences
      Mentally yell “STOP and FOCUS” to break the cycle
      Don’t focus on getting rid of the anxiety because that will only feed it
      Take a 30-second “mini-break”
      Concentrate on the way you read your question
      Take deep breaths at constant intervals

Now that you know how to fight your exam anxiety, make sure you practice these in your daily routine to get the desired results in your exam.
All the best!
Author Bio:
Isha is a content writer and have a keen interest in the domain of education. She strongly feels that education is the basic and most important parameter in any human's life and feel like its a responsibility to spread awareness about it.


Just a graduation degree is not sufficient in this competitive world. Many students think to pursue some job oriented short-term course or go for higher studies. The reason is, if you want to build your career in the respective field, you have to be specialized in that particular field to get a better than average position.

You might be thinking that why you need to do some short-term courses when you have more options to make your career in Accounting, IT, Finance, Analytics etc. These courses take years to complete. Moreover, you have to spend a lot of money doing these courses. So, the main objective of picking the short-term courses is to boost your professional skills in a short span of time and also you do not have to spend too much money.

You can make your career learning the courses like Event Management, Ethical Hacking, Animation Designing, Graphic Designing and Spa management. But, nowadays the short-term course "Digital Marketing" is one of the flourishing career options. It has become the most innovative and dynamic field where you get a lot of chances to expand your business. Now, no product or service can survive in the absence of digital marketing.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing

There is no eligibility criteria for learning digital marketing. Whether you are a student or entrepreneurs or IT professionals, you can easily go for this course. The age also does not matter pursuing digital marketing.

Duration of Digital Marketing Course

The duration of this course varies from institute to institute. It depends on certain factors like a number of modules, fees and the strength of students. Some coaching centers offer to complete this course in 3 months and some take 6 months to complete it.

Topics of Digital Marketing

1.      Website designing
2.      Search Engine Optimization
3.      Social media marketing
4.      Email marketing
5.      Inbound marketing
6.      Blogging
7.      Affiliate marketing
8.      Web analytics
9.      Lead generation
10.  Mobile marketing

Career Options in Digital Marketing

·         Professional Blogger: If you are well enough in writing, you can start your career as a blogger. It is a full-time profession. You can earn a reliable income.

·         Freelancer: You can make your career sitting at home only. Digital marketing is a vast field with numerous modules like SEO, SMO, Funnel building, SMM, Email marketing and many more. So, you can get in touch with the websites that allow you to offer your services to customers through freelancing.

·         Affiliate Marketer: If you have a blogging website and ranking is very good, so you can earn a lot by applying AdSense and affiliate marketing techniques.

·         Entrepreneur: Dedication, hard work and financial skills are not enough to run your local business. You absolutely need to have a digital presence. If you are familiar with digital marketing, then your business will be the long run survival.

·         Youtuber: If you have good content to share with the audience or can attract a large number of audiences with your skills, you can be a You tuber. You can even make high income with Youtube monetization.


The digital marketing field is rising tremendously. It is a sub-branch of traditional marketing. If you are creative, forward-looking and willing to expose your skills, then this field is a right career option for you.


There are many individuals across the country that wish to go abroad to pursue higher studies. After all, the allure of studying from a renowned university with internationally acclaimed faculty members is an enticing prospect for many. However, getting admission into a reputed international university is not all that simple as we live in a world that tests people’s intelligence by their fluency in English. Even though it is not much important, we can’t deny its significance.

The English language certainly has nothing to do with one’s aptitude but, being the number one language in the world, and a proper aptitude in it won’t hurt. There are many more factors that should be kept in one’s mind before seriously going through with this decision. Everything from securing funds to the concept of acclimatisation needs to be taken into account.
Keeping this in mind, a significant factor that needs to be considered is the grasp one has over their English skills. After all, English is the most universally spoken language out there, and it’s mandatory for a person going abroad to perfect their grasp of this language so that they can provide the best first impression possible during their college application process. After all, a person whose vocabulary is full of errors won’t be able to communicate effectively in the first place, which will – more often than not – lead to rejection.
A lot of us have been told that to master English language we should read books, watch shows, there’s no denying to that fact but it is very important for the mind to be nurtured. With the busy lives of the students and even shorter attention span– reading may not be the perfect choice for everyone.
In this context, it must be said that the Pearson PTE Academic English test is an excellent standardised test to help you develop your English aptitude. It’s a reputed language test that’s internationally recognised by some of the most eminent colleges all across the world.
Before taking any test, it is very crucial to ask 3 questions - why are you applying for the test in the first place? What benefit will the test give to you? Does it meet your requirements? Regardless of whether you’re a speaker of the language or not, taking this test will definitely aid you.
There’s an excellent reason as to why you should choose – the PTE Academic test integrates the latest technology to provide a fair and unbiased assessment of one’s English-speaking skills. It has 240+ centres in more than 50 countries, where tests happen across the year. These tests are completely computerised, with results that are calculated digitally and sent over to the candidate typically within five business days. This speed is enabled by an algorithm that calculates scores without any errors or personal bias – something that is common with human examiners. 

The PTE Academic test will benefit you extremely in assuring that you face little of no problem when it comes to securing an approval that will serve as proof of your knowledge over the English language. You need to be well prepared beforehand so that you don’t have any unwelcoming surprises on the very test day. To ensure that you are well prepared for the test day here are some useful tips:
                 Check the official website for all your doubts
                 Plan your study routine
                 Revise what you’ve studied
                 Sleep for minimum 8 hours
                 Engage in a hobby to clear your mind
Thus, if a person wished to attain a fair assessment of their English skills that are internationally accepted across multiple institutions, then the Pearson PTE Academic test is an excellent option for you to take.