We are a global and reliable online editing and proofreading company that provide writers with outstanding English editing and proofreading at a fast, professional, reliable and affordable rate. All our academic and scientific proofreaders and editors are professors, PhD and masters degree holders with over sixteen years expertise who are vast in different scientific subject areas and are carefully trained to work on documents of all kinds. We have the experience to assist writers in checking their work to improve clarity, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, style, punctuation, word choice, references and formatting until accuracy is achieved.

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Authors are free to submit papers from all fields including but not limited to Biosciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Arts, Pure and Applied Sciences, Life sciences, Humanities, Social sciences, Education, Chemistry, Engineering, Agriculture, Physical and Environmental Sciences. We specialize in the editing and proofreading of papers such as Theses, Dissertations Project works, Books, Conference proceedings, Letters and Report essays.

We offer group discounts for associations, societies, corporations, organizations, colleges, polytechnics and universities.

Authors can submit papers as an e-mail attachment in MS Word format to: editor@edupediapublications.com