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What the hell !
Smartphone has made everyone enthral.
It is neither fake nor a lie,
Spectacles are seen on everyone\'s eye.

At shop ,office ,home or sitting alone,
No work done today in the absence of smart phone.

Youth, middle age or old,
Looks like they all watching mobile phones recklessly, with their brain sold.

Student's grades are getting low,
At last they just say Oh! no,
Holding their teacher's and parent's toe,
Ensuring that they will enhance, Just in flow.

Everyone has become smartphone's addict,
After realization of time wasted on it ,
Our mind say Oh! shit .

On proper utilization of smartphone,
We will definitely get a full fledged tree, With the seed which was sown.

-Sahaj Sabharwal
-Jammu city,
Jammu and Kashmir, India .

While shopping online, you get payment options such as net-banking, credit cards and debit cards. Nowadays, most e-commerce companies also offer unified payments interface (UPI) to make payments. E-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart offer UPI-based payment services. UPI is a bank account linked instant payment system. It enables you to transact money between two bank accounts. If you have a bank account with UPI-enabled member bank and a mobile phone, you can start using UPI. But before that you need to download the UPI-enabled app.

The process

First you need to download UPI in your mobile phone. Then create a virtual ID. Your virtual ID is your name@bank name. Most banks have enabled a BHIM-based UPI payment system. You just need to log in to your mobile banking app. For instance, if you are an ICICI Bank customer, you will get a BHIM@ICCI icon. Click on it, and you will be directed to another page. Here you can either press the ‘send’ or ‘receive’ icon. Once you have linked your bank account and created a virtual ID namely name@bankname, you will be able to start using it to make payment on e-commerce websites.

Time and cost

If you are sending money instantly to another UPI account holder, UPI works faster than IMPS and NEFT mode of payments. In NEFT, you need to know the bank account number and IFSC. If you are making payment on UPI platform, you don’t need to do that. As of now as many as 100 banks have put in place UPI-based facility on their system. Currently, UPI transaction is for free as part of an initiative to promote digital transaction. However, most platforms allow you to transact only on the application or mobile browser.

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Time has come now ,
For an ending, wow.

Your friendship will be no more,
Your absence will make things  bore .

Gossips with friends ,
Learning new trends .
Talks with us , you did ,
Forever, you are alive in our mind .

It's  time to say you goodbye, 
Hope you neither weep nor cry .

The time we spent together ,
In pleasant and harsh weather.
I remember those days,
Enjoyable past with your's craze.

Hope would fill Our frienship's gap,
In the presence of the wonder whatsapp. 
In your presence No one notices how we spent this year,
Wish you  prosperous happy journey ahead my dear. 
-Sahaj Sabharwal
-Jammu city,
Jammu and Kashmir, India .


The MCAT exam, or the Medical College Admission Test, is the exam that prospective applicants to medical schools across the United States are required to take. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), a nonprofit organization that strives to uphold the integrity of medical schools throughout the United States creates, distributes, and scores MCAT exams.

The Medical College Admission Test is so important because it allows admissions offices at medical programs to determine how well applicants are likely to perform among their ranks. Medical colleges' coursework is rigid and known to be one of the most demanding course loads of any type of graduate program in the world. These schools are also able to gain more applicants if they make sure that people accepted into their ranks have high test scores, thereby making their programs more exclusive.

No matter who you ask, you'll find that properly preparing for the MCAT exam often takes as much time as a full year of medical school coursework. After all, it is the most important item on applications to medical colleges. To score in the upper third of people who take the MCAT, which isn't that high of a score, you'll need at least a 506.

Let's dive into a few tips and tricks for doing well on the Medical College Admission Test.

Keep Track of All Practice Questions

To effectively assess your mastery of important concepts, you should track your performance in answering practice questions. You may find that a concept you had mastered two weeks ago is one that you currently don't understand, for example. If you were to cross the questions involving that concept off of the list of questions you need to practice, you'd find yourself unprepared when it comes time to take the test.

The best way to track your performance in answering practice questions is to create a spreadsheet. It's also important to only practice questions from official Medical College Admission Test prep textbooks.

Taking Reputable, Thorough Prep Courses Online

The cost of the MCAT is currently $315. Although this price is unarguably expensive, the cost of preparatory courses found across the Internet blows the price of taking the MCAT out of the water.

Low-end prep courses with limited MCAT study material cost as little as $160, though they sometimes range upwards of $2,000. The cost of these courses is so high because they cover so much material and the fact that most hopeful physicians are more than willing to fork over obscene sums of money to improve their chances of getting into the medical programs of their dreams.

Taking thorough, reputable MCAT prep courses online has been shown to reliably boost test-takers' scores.

Begin Studying Well Over a Year Before Taking the Exam

Since the MCAT is so competitive, you can't do yourself wrong by beginning studying for the MCAT at least a year before you plan on taking it. Studying for such an important test is much easier when you're not constantly loaded down by bales of stress and worry.

You simply won't absorb as much information or as many concepts as you will if you study as early as possible. Remember - it's never too early to start studying for the MCAT.


It is safe to say that everyone wanted to travel some point in their lives, maybe to loosen up, to blow off some steam, to challenge themselves, or just for the fun and thrilling adventures. We all wanted to travel the world when we were children, and the teachers would tell us all about what lies beyond the classroom and our homes. However, the one thing that always limits us of such adventure is money, to travel one needs money and traveling can drain our wallets dry.

Trip planning can be a hassle. Where do you start? Where do you travel? What’s next? It’s especially easy to quit as you get overwhelmed by all the tasks and preparations that need to be done, especially when one hasn’t done anything like travel.

To help you plan a great trip and avoid unnecessary costs. Here is a step by step guide on how to plan the trip:

1.    Have a Money check- First, before planning the journey, take a full grasp of how much you can spend. Some trips can be expensive depending on the country you plan to travel, but first, research the costs of the trip. To do this best, use a travel guide on the place you will be traveling.
2.    Decide the Place- Second, after researching the costs for the trip and the average money you can spend, decide on the place for the trip. Deciding on the place will give you a clear goal of your travel and will help in planning a lot. So decide the place and you will set your mind mentally to the place.
3.    Plan the length of stay-To give a more understanding of money check, one cannot know the cost of travel if they do not have a clear and definite duration of stay. Planning the length of stay early on will help you book hotels and flight tickets much easier for the flight back. And if you are traveling on a budget, shorter stays are a must i.e. 4-6 days.
4.    Stay committed and Focus on the end goals- Planning a trip can be a daunting task, especially when our closed ones are not as enthusiastic as you. It needs an immense deal of self-discipline and concentration to go through with it, no matter how many years it may take, always feed the desire to travel. Tomorrow might be too late and the present is the best way to start. There are many success stories to keep you inspired such as how a 50-year-old couple sold it all to travel the world written by Nomadic Matt. Reading such success stories are sure to keep you inspired.
5.    Start Saving- Save money as much as you can, depending on your goal it can take even up to 3 years. Cut as much useless expense as possible, cut down those Netflix subscriptions, those 2 coffee per day habit has got to go, for instance, spending 1 coffee costs 20 INR by the end of 5 months with 2 coffees daily will amount to 6000INR, a huge amount that can go to your travel savings.
6.    Book Flight- You have followed through the first 5 steps and it is time to book your flight ticket. To get the cheapest fare, it is advised to book tickets 2-3 months before the time of the trip. Not only is the fare cheap when booked earlier, but it also gives time for even more preparation. When you know the time of your departure, you will be thrilled and filled with excitement.
7.    Choose Accommodation Wisely- Choosing Accommodation wisely will help reduce travel expenses. Booking hotels downtown will be expensive so it is better to book a moderate hotel which is close to the main roads. Also, book hotels 1 month earlier and confirm for hassle-free accommodation.
8.    Enjoy- You have finally reached your destination and yes it was hard work but your hard work has paid off. Enjoy your fruits of labor.
This step by step guide will help you get a clear understanding of your trip. Most of all enjoy.
Author’s Bio:
Namit is fond of reading, writing & meeting people. He loves writing about Spend Management Software. In a former life, he worked as a content specialist and has good knowledge about finance.

Indian economy is bound to bounce back on the economic growth trajectory in coming years as the government is taking strong and noteworthy measures to reform the norms and parameters for foreign direct investment and foreign institutional investment.
The government has adopted more liberal measures to smoothen the road blocks for foreign companies to operate in India. India is going to become an international hub for investment and development. 
India should adopt dual policy of liberalization and indigenisation so that we can keep a balance in the long term goal and short terms benefits. 
Unless and until Indian companies are in a position to compete with the multi-national companies, we can't expect long term and sustained pace of economic development. 
China opened its economy only when it was in a position to compete with the incoming companies. We are still dependent on many other nation in many sectors and the aim of the FDI and FII should be to strengthen the sectors like aviation, natural resource exploration etc. and in mean time our indigenous industries should come forward with innovative and competitive products. Technology transfer and indigenisation of technology should be high on agenda of the government so that in coming years we can prove our mettle as we have done in the sectors like information nanotechnology, space research, development of nuclear capabilities and using them for constructive and developmental purposes.
We must strive to achieve excellence in the economic sector as well as it is the backbone of any country of the world. 
There must be proper balance between the short terms gains from the FDI and FII and long term goal of making India an economic super power in the world.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Most of the peoples have a perception regarding public schools that public schools are second rate schools, you can this line in any public school review. When you ask 100 peoples that whether they will choose a public school or a private school for their children, all will answer if possible then they would love to send their children at private school. After reading this content, your perspective regarding public school will change.

In the modern world, the biggest question is how we should educate our children in a better way. Since decades, private schools are performing higher than that of the public schools. Here are some ideology about Public School Review.
According to a recent study, it has been proven that private schools are not better than public schools. You just have to spend a major part of your income in private schools to educate your children in private schools. Now, the scenario has changed, now, not only those who can’t afford to send their children in private schools will educate their children in public but as well as those who can afford. It is all because of the public school advantages over private school.
The supposed benefits of private schools over public schools!!!
Most of the parents think that private schools are better because of a number of reasons such as the smaller class size of private schools, flexibility, better academic performance of children, enhanced security, higher academic opportunities, dedicated staffs of private schools and so on…
And yes, there is nothing wrong about it, if you consider all these facts and choose a private school for your children. But another main factor which parents consider is the cost, the cost of the private school is sky-rocketing that a family needs to spend a major part of their income in private schools, tuitions if they want to educate their children in private schools. And still, parents choose to educate their children in private schools and  
Are private schools really better than public schools? A real public school review!!!
According to research, only 10% of the children studied in private schools and the rest of the children attend elementary and other schools.
The main focus of the private school is academics and grades at academics. The staff at the private schools does not care about the social and personal outcomes of the children. And most of the parents do this mistake while deciding a school for their children. They just consider the academic results of a school and give a tag of a better one to the school with great academic results. That is why most people consider that private schools are better than public schools.
When it comes on the overall success of a children statistics show that the children coming from the public school background performs well as compare to the children of the private schools.
So, from now don’t just consider the size of the classroom, it is equally important to consider the future of your children. Consider facts such as the quality of the education, not just the academic performance, college preparation, further admission requirements, and exams preparation and carrier of your children. 
However, in the end, no study can say that either a private school is a better option or a public school is a better option. It is completely the needs of the parents which school they choose for their children. 


Pizza is the only love triangle a pizza lover will ever want and when it comes to the most delicious pizza’s the first name is Papa John’s in our mind. In order to make your struggle to get your mitts on the best pizza on Papa John’s, we have curated the best pizzas that will pacify your hankering. Papa Johns serve the best quality pizza and are worth every penny spending on these delicious ones.

1.            Buffalo Chicken pizza from Papa John’s
For all the pizza maniacs this is a must try a pizza and the newest addition is the latest craving for all those who have tried this once. This is one of the most appetizing pizzas of Papa John’s and unlike other normal pizzas, its standard crust is topped with ranch rather than of tomato sauce, bacon, chicken strips, cheese and onion cheese, etc. The unique taste of this pizza is due to the swirl of mild buffalo sauce that is covered generously on the pizza.
2.            Papa John's special garlic pizza
This pizza has acquired its place in the list as the thick garlic sauce is so rich in taste. The garlic dip which is served along with this pizza is the new favourite one and what Papa Johns is raved about is a quick service and the astonishingly how your favourite pizzas are prepared in a matter of few minutes. This is surely a must try a pizza and relish the delicacy with the crunchiness of salami which is so scrumptious.
3.            New Italian Meats and Spinach Alfredo
This is limited time pizza so don’t miss out to get your mitts on this savoury of meat and spinach alfredo. You will surely love the spinach dip blanket and the pizza is thickly layered with mozzarella cheese to augment the deliciousness of it. One will surely love the Italian salami topping on the pizza as Papa John has introduced spinach Alfredo for vegetarians and Italian meat pizza for non-vegetarian so people from both the categories can give it a try and will surely like these two pizzas. Your favourite website also astonishes you by giving decent offers and discounts so just look for some papa john’s promocode and order a pizza now.
4.            Papa John’s Cinnapie Pizza
How about having pizza dessert? Well, this is a dessert option in Papa John’s and is actually a baked pizza crust which is topped with delicious cinnamon and brown sugar streusel and drizzled with sugary icing. It is a thin crust pizza which is really chewable and is sprinkled with nutritious oats so one is not just buying a dessert pizza but also the goodness of health. The streusel on the pizzas which is the clumps of sugar, flour and butter is topped on the pizza giving it the succulent taste.
5.            Papa John’s Cheesesteak Pizza
It has the traditional tender flavours of Philly Cheesesteak that is so fresh and hand-tossed pizza crust which is topped with a thick layer of creamy garlic sauce. You get freshly sliced onion dressing, green peppers, provolone, real cheese and it comes with steak from the original Philly Cheesesteak Company what else a pizza lover can think of.
Slice of life
A good pizza can make everything better and especially when it is from Papa John’s which guarantees taste and satisfaction. You can never be enough of good pizzas so we have unravelled the best and most delicious pizzas which you can try on Papa John have and without struggling to decide which one is the best each time you visit. One should have food not just because of hunger but should have food to gratify craving.