Think about your favorite book. What draws you to it and makes you want to read it multiple times? Excellent content is probably at the top of your list, but have you considered the book’s interior design? When you open the cover, are you greeted with easy-to-read text, clear chapter formatting and clean lines? Here’s why interior design is just as important as cover design.

Hold Interest
A good book cover can entice someone to take a peek inside, but if the interior of the book is poorly designed, most readers won’t bother finishing it. One easy way you can capture a reader’s attention is by creating an interior design that has good flow. This includes chapters or natural separations in the book and clear text in a font that’s large enough to read easily. You should also make sure your book includes page numbers, running heads, chapter openings and other proper book elements.
Create Special Effects
Instead of filling your book with paragraphs of consistent lengths, try using paragraphs of multiple lengths to draw attention to certain parts of the story and create special effects. For example, short paragraphs can slow the reader down or induce feelings of expectation while long paragraphs can mimic the narrator’s “stream of consciousness”.
Get Design Help
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