Gang Rapes in India and Legislation

I had been refraining from writing on sex and gang rape as they have become the order of the day. But now I think that a section of the society is getting conscious to get legislation passed for execution of the culprits of the gang rape. I have been keeping a track of the recent development in this direction. The Delhi Police has issued directions regarding removal of heavy curtains and tinted glasses from the vehicles particularly buses. This is a good attempt to curb the crime in moving vehicles. The setting up of enquiry committee is futile and this a measure for making the public sentiment pacify. The assurances from the legislators and the practiceners of the law indicates that they would prefer death sentence in the rarest of the rare cases of gang rape which will provide a new avenue for their earning through court cases which will try to prove that the particular gang rape was not a rarest of rare cases and this will also prove a big loop hole in the legal system to avoid the prosecution regarding the gang rape.
As a policy planner and social activist I would like to have a common and simple legal procedure for executing the culprits of the gang rape. The any culprit of the gang rape should be executed or hanged within a specified time period not exceeding a month. Whether the victim file FIR or someone else, whether she wishes for prosecution or not the culprit will be punished only then we can wish of a society free from the heinous crime like gang rape. The legal system in India is at a crucial juncture as no one fears or respects laws as he/she thinks that no matter what crime he has done he will find a smooth passage on the dint of power, money and connections with top notches of our society.
Media highlights the gang rapes done by the common man but not the daily habit of the sons and wards of influential and wealthy people.
The New Year celebration will turn the tide and slowly the agitation by the youth of Delhi and other Indian cities will meet a slow death like the campaign of Lokpal. Every campaign and agitation against the so-called influential class and wealthy people will meet a slow death in this system of democracy.
Hope to see you soon at public place in some form of agitation against the corruption of some form of crime.
Happy New Year 2013!
Shashikant Nishant Sharma