This is most convenient way of testing the product and getting the users views and this options helps you in improving your work and updating it in due course of time as and when new readers comment reaches you and you get notice of the minor or major loopholes. The Amazon has really provided millions of young and dynamic writers From free to full-service, EduPedia Publications offers book publishing options to meet your needs and budget. Sign up free now. a voice and space to share his ideas. Earlier authors had to wait for a long to get the approval of the traditional publishing houses which usually takes many months to reply and couple of years to publish if you don't have enough money to invest and get timely attention of the publishers. I have been self-publishing my creative works for last few years and making handsome money from the royalties from Amazon. This gives me moral boost to keep up creative writing a continuous process. This has added new dimensions to my creative personality. There are many other publishing houses which are giving such opportunities but the platform that Amazon has created is unparalleled in the publishing market.

The time bound production of the print and eBook on the readers demand who keep on visiting my website for updates on my views and suggestions on diverse topics which I cover. The flavour of writing and creativity can be cherished and nourished through the constant endeavour and sustained practice in the print and electronic media sector.

Shashikant Nishant Sharma