Translation Service for Scholars

Pen2Print is a company that has been chosen by many customers and translation firms in the U.S. and Europe. Pen2Print Services handles various types of translation services including translation of documents and scientific articles, proofreading, website translation, desktop publishing for translated materials and subtitling projects for over 3600 language pairs.

All our staff members are native translators and proofreaders . Our company's number one value is to meet deadlines, in addition to being strongly dedicated to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We are very responsive to our clients’ emails as we are available 24/7.

Please find the below list for some of the language pairs that Pen2Print provide translation Services:

Language Pair
“from/to English”
“Rate per word in USD”
“Rate per word in USD”
-          Arabic
-          Farsi
-          German
-          French
-          Spanish
-          Russian
-          Chinese
0.075 USD
0.11 USD
-          Thai
-          Catalan
-          Croatian
-          Hindi
0.10 USD
0.13 USD
-          Finnish
-          Polish
-          Swedish
-          Czech
-          Korean
-          Japanese
-          Greek
0.11 USD
0.14 USD
-          French(Canadian)
-          Irish
-          Tagalog
0.15 USD
0.18 USD

  • The above rates are initial rates for general content and non-volume projects, for volume projects please contact us for a quote.
  • The above pairs are sample of the languages we provide and you can reach us for more info about the language pair you have for a quick quote.

It would give us great pleasure to establish a long term collaboration with you.