Author Quotes to Drive Book Sales

Have you ever come across a quote that immediately resonated with you and made you want to know more about the author? A quote that leapt out at you when reading a book and stayed with you long after? Maybe you have, and maybe not, but one thing that is undeniable is that in these days of Social Media quotes are a vital tool in every author's book promotion armory. 
The Quotes feature on EduPub Books  is something that is an extremely under-utilized tool, and one, when used effectively, that can provide huge exposure and a myriad of new readers to your profile and to your book pages. Manage to have a quote that goes viral and you can watch your sales counter spin. But, much like having your book listed on EduPub Books, unless it’s done right and what comes after is handled effectively, it can be like you’re shouting into a void..

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