Information Security Management

Information Security Management System (ISMS) can be characterized as an accumulation of approaches worried about Information Technology (IT) related dangers or Information Security Management (ISM). Dominant part of ISMS structures that have been executed and received by associations, focus on the utilization of innovation as a vehicle for verifying data frameworks. In any case, data security needs to turn into an association wide and vital issue, removing it from the IT area and adjusting it to the corporate administration approach.  To feature the accessible ISMS structures, the essential idea of ISMS, the effect of ISMS on PC systems and web, the sequential development of ISMS systems and IT Security Management/IT Security Organization.
Verifying delicate authoritative information has turned out to be progressively fundamental to associations. An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a deliberate methodology for setting up, executing, working, observing, checking on, keeping up and improving an association's data security.
In this book various topics about information security, security attacks, Information Security Procedures, Key Components of Networks, Key Performance Indicators, Database Security, Security Management Policies, Frameworks, Information Security Management System etc. 
Chapter 1: Information Security Overview, Threat and Attack Vectors, Types of Attacks, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE), Security Attacks, Fundamentals of Information Security, Computer Security Issues, Information Security Procedures  etc.
Chapter 1: Key  Components   of   Networks, Elements   of   Networks,   Critical Information Characteristics, Data  States etc.
Chapter 3: What is DataLeakage and its Occurences, Data Leakage Threats, Reducing the Riskof Data Loss, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Database Securityetc.

Chapter 4: Information Security Policies-Necessity-Key Elements and Characteristics, Security Policy Development , Security Standards, Security Management Policies and Frameworks etc.

Chapter 5: Introduction to Information Security Management System, Requirement of  ISMS, Roles and Responsibilities, Security Positions , Security Council, Steering Committee Or Board Of Directors etc.