These teachers really need to learn how to teach - HELP!

These images capture the teachers' attempts to generate the appearance active learning without actually teaching in this way (on a daily, regular basis). At least this is my reading of the pictures. What do you think? Are these teachers really running active classrooms where children will learn well? And what would you do if you were on hand to help the teacher?

Image 1
Such large groups - is there any scope of getting any work done? 
And even the books cannot be opened fully. 
Surely this is 'whole-class' disguised as 'group-work'?

Image 2
What can these children do other than listening to the teacher? 
How can it be re-organized?
 And what kind of activities would be appropriate for this age group?

Image 3
This teacher has three different age groups and no real clue about 
what to do. What should he do? 
Suggestions desperately needed.

Image 4
These children have clearly never had any real engagement in learning. 
They are used to sitting like this for long durations, meekly doing nothing. 
What would you do if you were a
 CRC-BRC member visiting this school?

Image 5
This is the same school as in Image 4, only with a different and older group. 
Unfortunately this is a very, very common sight. 
If you had a hundred such schools in your block, 
what would you do?