What is (more) 'Educationally Responsible'?

What is more educationally responsible from among the alternatives below. Anytime you feel it's all very clear, don't ignore the possibility that there may a trap somewhere...
  • Encouraging someone to ask questions or give answers to questions no one is asking?
  • Helping learners discover worlds of fascinating and worthwhile knowledge around them versus providing them information from books?
  • Setting challenging tasks versus 'telling' children, giving explanatory lectures ?
  • Encouraging reflection or ensuring memorization of the right answers?
  • Preventing errors or letting children discover for themselves when they've made a mistake?
  • Giving feedback versus giving marks (and remarks)?
  • Ensuring all children get the same opportunity versus ensuring different children get different opportunities?
  • Doing everything oneself (if you're a teacher) versus passing on some of your tasks to children (e.g. marking attendance, ensuring participation of peers)
  • Maintaining all provided materials in good shape or using them at the risk of their getting spoilt, torn, etc.?
  • Asking community to help with their knowledge heritage versus asking community to contribute to improvement in mid day meal?
  • Using a textbook as a resource versus using a textbook as a definitive material (i.e. assuming it is the curriculum)
  • Reading this blog or reading a useful book on education?!

So what is more educationally responsible? Let me have more such pairs / alternatives to choose from, and also your views on the above!