Why people prefer online slots over blackjack

Casinos are those places where people feel free to make a choice and have the opportunity to decide when, whether and how to spend their money. For sure, casinos are those places where people look for something which can change their lives.
Since the early 90s when online casinos have been launched on the market, we have seen a steady growth of their popularity. Besides the classic reasons which induce people to spend more and more time playing casino games at Slots Baby and there are also some other reasons.  These are all linked to progress and evolution. Thanks to the large distribution of the internet and of mobile devices, their popularity has never stopped growing. 

Online casinos 

As we mentioned above, when we access online casinos, we can make choices. We have the opportunity to explore new things and try new games. We can spend some time scouting so to find out which game better suits our personality and our identity.  In a nutshell, we have the freedom to express ourselves by choosing the games that most represent us.
What has then happened when it was given the possibility to access an endless number of different casinos games? Players were given the possibility to understand which one they appreciate more than the others. In this way, the gambling manufacturers started to invest more money on a selected range, rather than on all them. The one which has stepped on the podium were slot machines, video lotteries (such as bingo) and blackjacks. Those games cover the majority of players' choices.
What has then pushed people to prefer one game rather than another? Each one of them has its peculiarity which induces people to prefer it over others. Those three have something in common which other games do not have. We are talking about their unpredictable nature. Although all the games are ruled by fortuity, slot machines, bingos and BJ are the ones which better express this unpredictability. 
Bingo, anyway, is not as much appreciated as slots and BJ, for the simple reason that there is no interaction with the game itself. Then, the field gets restricted basically to these two games contending for the primacy. 

Blackjack in detail 

It became famous centuries ago and has never stopped ever since. The game consists of beating the dealer, trying to get a better result summing the value of cards while never trespassing the number 21. Each player starts with two cards. Including the dealer. When his turn comes, he can decide to stand, which means stick with the result he has at that moment or call for other cards or pass, which state the surrender.
There are 364 cards for each table of BJ and the dealer changes all of them randomly during the match. The amount of money which is possible to win strictly depends on our financial resources. The more we can “invest", the higher the potential win is. Although there isn’t a real rule, to avoid an enormous loss for both sides, all casinos, either online or physical, have set stake limits. The adrenaline we have when betting is an incomparable feeling. 

Slot Machines 

It is almost 150 years since the first slot machine has been presented to the world. The Liberty Bell by Charles Fey was slightly different than those we can find today in a physical casino. The one-armed bandit was a mechanical game, endowed with a single pay line, three wheels and a lever, which was used to make the wheels spinning. That rudimental machine was destined to become one of the most appreciated casino games.  Nowadays, players consider slots as one of the most entertaining, engaging and funny game available.
When technology evolved, slot machines changed accordingly. First becoming electrical-mechanical, then they became completely electronic. 
Since that moment they have become more articulated.  They have increased the possible combinations in terms of the number of wheels, pay lines and features. Etc becoming more diversified. Thanks to online casinos, the popularity of this game has exploded. 

Slot machines versus Blackjack 

What makes people preferring slot machines rather than BJ then? The answer, although simple, isn’t that obvious. Both games have the right characteristics which can guarantee them the hegemony on the market.
They are fun, unpredictable, engaging and virtually can make you win an enormous amount of money. What gives to slot that extra thing which has lifted it to the highest position on the podium then? The answer is the jackpots.
Online slot machines are, without any doubt, the most rewarding game we can play. This is due to the uncountable number of choices we can make and the enormous number of players who play at them every day.
Also, the superb characteristics in terms of graphics, sounds and performances have made this game super famous. The gigantic success has induced manufacturers to invest tons of money on developing new slots. Every day new slots with even better and greater characteristics are launched on the market.
When it comes to awards, slot machines are at the highest level. Thanks to the jackpots, indeed, it is possible to compete for winning millions of pounds. The majority of online slot, nowadays, offer real life-changing jackpots. In most of the cases, there are 4 jackpots available, set like this: Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mega.
Games like Mega Moolah, Mega Joker and Arabian nights have already given gigantic rewards to the luckiest ones. It has been calculated that until September 2019, Mega Moolah slot has given away 68 million dollars and this number is destinated to grow. The highest jackpot which has been won in a single game is over 20 million. 

Final thoughts 

The sum of all the aspects we mentioned above has given to slots the highest position on the podium. We are sure it is a deserved one. It is not a case the fact that, although there are millions of different games available, the slot is the one that never goes out of style.