Gameplay review of Fluffy Favourites Slot

Ah childhood, probably one of the most sought after periods of life in the whole entire world – who doesn’t want to be a kid again? In fact, our lives are, in many ways, a constant quest to recapture that immutable spirit of youth where even the simplest things can feel like the most exciting. Don’t believe us? Well, just look at the amount of things in modern popular culture that are designed to have us looking back to the idyllic time. Indeed, film studios like Pixar or Dreamworks absolutely know the worth of a good old bit of childhood nostalgia, why else do you think they would wait a decade before launching the Toy Story, Incredibles or Shrek sequels? The adult generation just cannot help being sucked back into their youth… it’s true. 

Now, if we think about this in parallel to the incredibly popular art of gambling many people will immediately be alerted to the fact that childhood has effectively been banished from the world of casino. There’s no real surprise there either: since when have children ever been allowed to spin the reels of their favourite slots in a casino? It makes sense, therefore, that the casino industry generally look to appeal to the older market, however one thing we cannot understand is why there is such a lack of games that hark back to the wonderful time of infancy. We were pondering this for a while, and then up came Fluffy Favourites by Eyecon, a title that really does pull on the heartstrings as a result of its childish nostalgia. And we can even play now at anytime, anywhere we want. Read on for a deeper look at this incredible online slot. 

About Fluffy Favourites and its Aesthetic 

As you would be able to guess from the title and our opening paragraph, Fluffy Favourites is predominantly concerned with the soft toys that gave and continue to give so many kids a sense of safety and companionship. We really admire Eyecon’s confidence here, it is not often you see an online slot that is wholly inspired by soft cuddly toys, something that some more masculine gamblers might at first see as off-putting. There is no danger of that though, because the established Australian developers have made sure that this game looks impeccable, and doesn’t once fall to tackiness. The background here takes the shape of a wonderfully clear blue sky, with a rainbow and several sunrays streaking across the screen. You couldn’t really ask for a more relaxing setting to play on the 5 reel and 25 pay line grid – it all makes for a perfect online slot session from the very beginning. 
Unsurprisingly all the symbols available on the reels are different kids toys, all incredibly colourful and rendered in perfect 3D. Not enough is said about how important it is for developers to render their symbols with perfect clarity, and Eyecon have really smashed the proverbial ball out of the park here with this. Gamblers will be able to find a variety of toys such as a lion, a turtle, a gorilla, a panda, a pink dragon, a rhino, a school of clown fish, a duck and a purple hippo. This may seem like a lot of different icons to keep track of, but we actually loved the fact that Eyecon didn’t have to use any playing card symbols at all – something that a lot of developers seem to be slightly too lazy to achieve these days. Look our for the pink elephant as this is Fluffy Favourite’s wild icon, and any win you achieve with this will also be doubled! 

About Fluffy Favourites and its Bonus Features 

Fluffy Favourites is one of those slots that you can have a ridiculous amount of fun on without even using any bonus features. Indeed, Eyecon have also made is fairly easy to win a substantial amount of money without any bonus features as well. However, luckily for us the Australian developers have actually included some bonuses, and by Jove are they good. Our favourite one is the toy box feature, a cool little bonus that is activated when you are lucky enough to encounter at least 3 claws anywhere on the reels. This takes you through to a pick ‘em kind of round, in which gamblers can scoop up to 100x their original stake. Not bad, not bad at all. Eyecon have also included the gamble feature that has proved to be a popular component of countless online slots on the market at the moment. Will you have the guts to try and double your winnings? Only time will tell. 

About Eyecon and Other Slots by Them 

Eyecon are bona fide veterans of the online casino scene alongside other companies such as NetEnt, and the experience really shines through their wicked variety of online slots. In fact, it is Eyecon that are widely regarded to be the developers of the first proper online slot, a game called Temple Of Isis. Since then the Australian company have really kicked on, becoming many seasoned slot gamblers’ favourite software developers by a country mile. They were established in 1997, but actually spent more time working in the real life physical casino software sector before making the jump online. Gee, are we happy they did so, because Eyecon are responsible for some of our all time favourite online slot games. Take a look at a few of these, for instance: 
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Is Fluffy Favourites Really One Of The Best Slots On Offer? 

So, is Fluffy Favourites really one of the best online slots on offer? You would have a hard time arguing against it, this genuinely is an expertly crafted game, with more than enough chances to win big. Moreover, we really enjoyed the light hearted and massively nostalgic theme, in an age where it seems like online slots are getting more and more serious, it is important to have developers that aren’t afraid to highlight some more fun themes.