How to Build Your Credibility Globally?―Share if You Care!

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” ―Benjamin Franklin

Building credibility is easier said than done. It requires character, commitment, consistency, and communication. It must be loaded with immense energy, enthusiasm, and efforts. It needs transparency and building trust in others. There are leaders who survived and succeeded despite being at the brink of bankruptcy because of their credibility and visibility. In this post, we will discuss tools and techniques to build your credibility.

Tools to Build Your Credibility Globally

Be an expert in your area. Being a recognized expert is better than being an expert. Social media helps to get recognized quickly. So, build a network of followers to get recognized and build your leadership brand. Here are some tools to build your credibility globally. Network with eminent and credible personalities globally. Open a blog and share your ideals, ideas and insights regularly. Author books. Get forewords and endorsements from eminent people. Offer training programs. Be active on social media platforms to share your free knowledge with the world. Add value to others and make a difference. Work for satisfaction, not for recognition.

Being credible is more important than being visible because popularity is like a passing cloud. Hence, be available online with credibility. Think why should people spend their precious time in you if you are not an expert, visible and credible.

Leave Your Leadership Legacy

You must walk your talk and lead from the front. You must win the confidence of your colleagues. You must be able to command respect from others. You must emphasize more on character, less on charisma. You must be able to sacrifice for the sake of others. You must keep people before profit. To conclude, build your credibility to leave your leadership legacy to the next generations.