'World Kidney Day' (190 Words)

'World Kidney Day' is celebrated on the second Thursday of the month of March every year. This day was started two years ago. However, since 2006, people have started to become aware of the diseases related to kidneys. In the year 2019 this day will be celebrated on 14th March in the whole world.

A healthy person has two kidneys in his body. Normally one kidney survivor can survive with a kidney. Like other organs of our body, kidney is also an important organ. Kidney plays an important role in many functions of our body.

The main objective of World Kidney Day is to create awareness among people about kidney related diseases and diagnose the problem. It has been decided to celebrate this day to see the continuous growing kidney disease by the International Society of Kidney Diseases and the International Society of Nephrology.

On the day of World Kidney Day, health related camps are organized. Government hospitals and Non Governmental organizations organize various seminars and camps to tell people about kidney related diseases and its precautions. The main purpose of this day is to diagnose the problem of kidney disease.