Picture phrases

Phrasr is an interesting new website that allows users to input sentences, phrases or even entire paragraphs and then turn them into illustrated slide shows using Flickr images. All you have to do is type in your phrase and click, you then get an image for each word. If you don't like the image you get then you can change them and when you are ready you just give your work a name and title a click to publish. What you then get is like a slide show of images with words.
Here's an example of what it produces. This one is based on the old expression;

Here's another based on the first verse of a Shakespeare sonnet (130)
Once you have created your picture phrase you can either send it to a friend by email or go to the archive and find it to copy the URL.

If you want to see just how quick and easy it is to create these then

How to use this with students
This is going to revolutionise learning, but I can think of a few nice tasks you could use this for.
  • Get students to illustrate a short poem or haiku.
  • Create some idiom movies to help students remember them.
  • Use the site to make revising / presenting grammatical structures structures a bit more interesting.
  • Get students to write a short story and create an image version of it.
  • Discuss why certain images seem more or less appropriate to illustrate various texts.
What I like about it
  • This is a really simple free site that you can use to quickly create materials
  • Nice variety of images

What I wasn't so keen on
  • It would be nice to have an embed code for these so that you could add your finished sentences to your blog, rather than a hyper link back to the site
  • Be careful some images are not appropriate for younger learners
  • Some people tend to abuse sites like these, so be careful of inappropriate sentences or immature students who tend to play around.
Hope you enjoy this simple tool and find some good uses for it. Drop me a line if you have any others to suggest