Short Biography of 'Sudha Chandran' (212 Words)

'Sudha Chandran' was born on 21 September 1964 in Kerala, India. She got her higher education from Mumbai, India. Sudha Chandran was born in a middle class family living in Mumbai, India. At the stage of three, she started learning Indian Classical Dance. Soon she became one of the most promising pupils of Bharat Natyam, a Classical Dance form.

Sudha had just turned sixteen when she and her parents set off on a vacation to South India. On their return journey, their bus was hit by a truck. It was a terrible accident and Sudha had fractured her leg. Unfortunately, the fractured foot got infected and lastly removed. She was fitted with an artificial foot.

Sudha resumed dance lessons. It was not easy at all with artificial foot. Her strong will and hard work paid off. Very soon she started dancing in front of an audience again. Soon she became very popular. Inspired by her story, in 1982 'Mayuri', a Telugu film was made. She acted in the film herself. Later, in 1986, it was remade in Hindi, and called 'Nache Mayuri'. After that she acted in many other films, too. Her television serials are also screened in several countries.

Sudha Chandran is much more than an actor or a dancer-- She is a living legend.