Short Essay on 'Books & Reading' (200 Words)

Ruskin calls books, "Kings' Treasures" -- treasuries filled, not with gold and silver and precious stones, but with riches much more valuable than these -- knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals. Man has secured a life-long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration by acquiring the habit of reading the books. Poor indeed is the man who does not read, and empty is his life.

The reading habits confer the many blessings. We should choose the right kind of books. The reading gives the highest kind of pleasure. When we are tired or the brain is weary with serious study, it is healthy recreation to lose ourselves in some absorbing story written by a master hand.

As we need plain, wholesome food for the body, so we must have serious reading for the mind. We can choose reading the books according to our taste. There are many noble books on history, biography, philosophy, religion, travel and science which we ought to read. The reading of books will give us not only pleasure but an education. Books are the most faithful of friends. Our friends may change or die, but our books are always patiently waiting to talk us. No wonder a reader becomes a "book-lover."