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2019 Summer Internship Award Program

The Summer Internship Award Program through the Career & Professional Development Center is now live and ready for applicants. The Summer Internship Award Program is designed to increase the ability for students to participate in internship opportunities that are unpaid. Internships may be on or off the DU campus. The deadline to apply is 4/19/19 @ 5 pm. Filling out an application will make you eligible for any of the below internships for which you qualify!
Sturm Family Foundation AHSS Summer Internship Award – 10 Awards at $3,400 each
CAHSS Internship Awards – $3,000 each
Denenberg Family Internship Award for International Internships – 4 awards at $2,500 each
Unpaid Internship Award – 8+ awards at $2,500 each
Submit your application through Pioneer Careers Online. Click here to check out the requirements and apply. You may also find the application by selecting “OCI and Job Listings” on Pioneer Careers Online then searching for “2019 Summer Internship Award Program”.
Please contact Stacey Stevens ( with any questions.

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