5 Tips For International Students to Increase Their Employability

Your employability factor is a bit hard to quantify. While there are some concrete things that increase employability, other factors are not so concrete. If you are an international student, you may face challenges that other students do in improving your employability. However, if you are up to the challenge, you can position yourself favorably with potential employers. These 5 tips should help you accomplish that.
  1. Get Familiar With Local Culture
Your ability to fit into an organization is key. Future employers who believe that you will be able to join their team and work well with others will be more willing to give you a chance. The more familiar you are with local customs and culture, the more easily you will be able to assimilate into a team and become productive.
  1. Work to Improve Your Language Abilities
Your amazing language skills, especially your business or conversational ones, can really be a contributing factor when it comes to employability. Look beyond academic language developments and find opportunities to engage in casual conversation. This will improve your ability to interact with customers and your coworkers. There are many online resources that you can use to pick up conversational language skills.
  1. Make Your Resume And Profiles Shine
The importance of a well-written resume for students who come from other countries cannot be emphasized enough. Having a great resume or CV, and professionally written can truly help you to bridge an gap that might be caused by language or cultural barriers. It is the place where you can allow your skills, talents, and accomplishments to speak for you.
  1. Get a Part Time Job
If you are unable to get a job in your chosen field, consider taking a part time job. Even if it involves working in retail or fast food, you will accomplish two things. First, you will be able to work on soft skills that can make you desirable to employers in the future. Second, you will establish a work  history. This can serve as reassurance to an employer who is hesitant about the logistics and complexities of hiring a foreign student.
  1. Create a Portfolio
If you can, consider creating an online portfolio to display your work. This can then be linked in your online profiles and on your resume. This will give  hiring managers and those in your network some insights into the work that you have done.
If your career path doesn’t lend itself to a portfolio, you might consider creating a professional social media presence and a blog. Here, you can highlight your academic and professional accomplishments and share your industry related thoughts and opinions. The more you can solidify your talents and professionalism and reach others on social media the better.
Great conversational language skills, a resume and LinkedIn profile that truly highlights your experience, along with practical, culturally immersive experiences are the keys to making sure you are ready to work. Follow the five tips outlined above, and employers will be eager to add you to their teams.