5 Tips for Landing an Amazing Internship

Internships are highly coveted by students for two reasons. The right ones look great on a resume and provide a reference from within the career niche, and they can often lead to a job after graduation. If you want an amazing internship, here are some strategies to use:

Begin Early

As soon as you have identified your major, even if you are only a freshman, you have to think about internship possibilities. What actual positions do they advertise? Do they speak to internships and the qualifications on their site? You want to be the most marketable candidate possible.
  • Start a LinkedIn profile right now
  • begin a website with a portfolio
  • If you have electives within your major, choose that one that will show most value to the organizations you are considering
  • Start a blog

Plan Ahead for Geographic Constraints

If you do not live close to a large metropolitan area, either on campus or at your home, then you know you will have to travel and reside where a great internship will be located. This will require financial planning. While there are paid internships from a number of companies, the competition is stiffer, so don’t count on one of those just falling into your lap.
You also have to consider your coursework load. If you are on a track to finish in four years, then you may have to consider a summer internship that will not interfere with your academic program.

Don’t Impose Limits

You may have your heart set on a couple of organizations. You need to realize, however, that there is a large “ocean” of opportunities and some of the best places for internships may not even be on your radar at first. Be open.

Develop that Resume

You are applying for a job. Your resume must be top notch. You don’t have a lot of work experience. But that experience can come from many other places to wit:
  • Related clubs and activities
  • Specific courses you have taken that relate directly to the internship tasks
  • Leadership positions you have held
  • Volunteer work that can be related to the career field, even indirectly
  • Your website, portfolio, and blog

Find Contacts within Organizations

Look for professionals within the organizations that you see as decision-makers.  Find them on LinkedIn. Join the same discussion groups. If there are niche-related forums or online communities, join them. You can begin to network early – the earlier the better. Anything you can do to get your name and “brand” out there will be valuable.

The Bottom Line

Don’t make your quest for an internship a last-minute thing. If you do, you will surely be disappointed. You have to plan for it well in advance. Taking these 5 steps will keep you on track to find one that you love.
About the Author: Janet Anthony is a blogger from Kansas City who has been writing professionally for five years now. She mostly writes about blogging, writing tips, and self-improvement. Her motto is “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”.