7 Tips to Succeed at the Career and Internship Fair

  1. Download the App—Check the online list of companies attending or download the Pioneer Life App for the most detailed information about who is attending, employer contact information and what positions they have open. Prioritize and do your research. Employers expect you to come prepared.
  2. Be Open to Exploring—Regardless of your class year, or if you are an alumni, think of the career fair as a great way to get to learn more about your career interests and companies that will be a fit for you.
  3. Get Your Resume Ready—Get your resume reviewed by a local employer during student resume review day or the alumni resume review day. We also have resume reviewers available at the fair for last minute feedback.
  4.  Dress—Dress like you would for an interview
  5. Prepare to Talk about Yourself—Employers expect you to state your name, degree, a couple of your skills as well as why you are interested in their company/position.
  6. Be Enthusiastic—Show your interest with a smile, firm handshake and good eye contact.
  7. Follow-Up—Within 24 hours send a brief thank you email and connect on LinkedIn.