A Marketing Career Can Show You the World

Few careers can claim the opportunity for world travel that marketing contains. If you have a passion and desire to see the world, travel as much as you’d like, and experience the wonderful magic of unparalleled experiences, a marketing career would be a great choice for you. We’ll explore some of the top reasons why marketing can be your magic carpet.
  • A truly international role: Few jobs are as needed in every corner in the world as much as marketing. Since marketing is relevant to any and every type of business, you can find employment in any country. With a marketing degree and some professional experience (build that portfolio!), you can hop countries every few years or more, depending on your chosen career trajectory. Show us a profession that is in this much demand worldwide and we’ll show you a magic lantern containing what that profession is. Spoiler alert: it’s marketing.
  • Learning about all the cultures of the world: As many businesses as there are, there are multiple times over of customer segments that these businesses would like to reach with marketing. When learning marketing, you will learn topics such as demographic research, which provides insight on specific populations of people and how to best market to them based upon data points such as cell phone use and cultural beliefs, norms, and traditions. This knowledge will not only make you more worldly overall, but can be a “foot in the door” to relocation or at least an even more awesome future travel experience. You may even get paid to learn a language, only furthering your endless opportunities.
  • International networking: As if the possibilities for international communication and travel by premise of performing your daily job duties weren’t enough, yet another way marketing can show you the world is through networking. Marketing has one of the most highly-active professional networking communities of all industries, with frequent conferences all over the world. Sharing cocktails with professionals within marketing that originate from all continents is not an uncommon scene within the marketing profession.
  • Content creation: Marketing has seemingly endless methodologies and content channels. You may be asked to manage an Instagram social media channel; and what better way to provide relevant content than to be collocated with the pertinent content? If that content is on a cruise ship, you’ve got pretty good justification to be on that cruise ship. You may conveniently select marketing assignments that take you where you want to be, and we promise not to tell anyone your secret to all expenses paid travel.
  • Freelancing: More and more marketing professionals are going independent, either by launching their own business or freelancing. As opposed to a traditional marketing employee, enslaved to the depressing corporate office, a freelancer can work both whenever and wherever they desire. While it is certainly a requirement to have a high level of personal responsibility and accountability to work with this level of independence, your office can be your bedroom, the local coffee shop, or the Caribbean. Nothing like pina coladas and search engine optimization!