Does salary matter? Building a fulfilling career

Life is a matter of choices. Some choices do not require much thought and reflection, while others merit rigorous deliberation. Career is one aspect of life that is replete with difficult choices. Choosing a career is one of the most crucial decisions in life as it can either make or mar personal happiness for many years to come. There is a plethora of literature on careers, but not enough attention has been devoted to the actual process of selecting a career.
Many factors contribute to a fulfilling career. A career should necessarily be in sync with one’s personality type. Every person is either an introvert or an extrovert and each career is either more suitable for extroverted or introverted personality types. For example, an extrovert is likely to be more comfortable in people-oriented careers such as marketing and should, therefore, choose a career that fits into his persona. A good career match can potentially catapult a person to new highs, whereas a wrong move can drag a person down the road to mediocrity and disillusionment.
All careers call for adequate preparation in terms of knowledge and skills, whether you are aiming to become a banker or a blog writer. A person aspiring for success in a particular field should keep himself abreast with the latest technological developments and industry trends. There is a misconception that professional training begins only after college. For the uninitiated, college life is a good time to experiment with different types of jobs and decide on the most suitable career. On the other hand, a person who has already made up his mind can utilize the college vacations to augment skills and acquire experience pertaining to long-term career goals. In fact, the student years are an opportune time to acquire knowledge and develop skills in varying walks of life as companies increasingly prefer employees that have proven abilities to work in diverse settings.
A person has to decide on factors that are most important in a job and choose the option that best addresses these aspects. Every decision involves a rational and emotional component; a person would be genuinely happy if he succeeds in aligning the mind and the heart. A good decision has to be an informed decision. A person should gather maximum information about various job options before finalizing his choice as job satisfaction would ultimately depend on the nature and demands of the job. Money alone would not matter unless the work is satisfying. The values of the organization, what it stands for and how it approaches the business environment and employees and social responsibilities are also important determinants in opting for a particular company. Job seekers should also pay close attention to company culture. Since a considerable amount of life is spent at the place of work, a company that facilitates a healthy physical environment, and encourages personal growth in areas such as higher education and work-life balance should be on the radar of prospective employees.
At the end of the day, a career that matters is one that aligns personal vision, professional goals, and societal well-being.