From a Recruiter’s Point of View…

Understanding how a recruiter does their job can help you become a better applicant. Recruiters are very pressed for time because they are often trying to fill multiple positions. They have their internal customers, the hiring managers in the departments that have openings, and they have external customers, the applicants for each job posting. In order to make progress with all that they are juggling, they typically have a very specific system in place and appreciate people who abide by that system.
Given that, applicants who follow directions when applying are appreciated by recruiters.  Those applicants are more likely to keep moving through the recruiting process. For instance, if the recruiter asks for a resume to be attached to an email, do not embed your resume in your email. Read all instructions carefully while applying for opportunities.
Additionally, it’s important to customize your resume and cover letter to prove to a recruiter that you are truly interested in that specific job. Highlight distinct experiences that you have that aligns with the responsibilities of the position and would support what the company is looking for in this role. By doing this, you are saving the recruiter from having to decipher that on their own and making it obvious why you are a good fit. This means, avoid using a generic resume and cover letter that can be used for any job opening.
At some point in the hiring process, the recruiter will introduce qualified applicants to the hiring managers. Recruiters are evaluated internally by these hiring managers. Applicants who act professionally reflect well on the recruiter at this point. Professionalism by the applicant is valued by the recruiter and others in the company at every step of the hiring process.
So, think like a recruiter, and stand out among the numerous other applicants to increase your chances of getting an interview. The quality of your resume, cover letter, and interactions with the recruiter are a crucial component to getting you hired.