How to make a perfect cover letter for your big company application

A perfect cover letter can be the only obstacle between landing the job interview or being passed over. In short, a cover letter is a brief one page document where you get the chance to make a good first impression to the company. How do you make a perfect cover letter? Check out below.
Keep It Short
It should be one page maximum. Get straight to the point and keep it brief. Print it on a high-quality paper.
If you are applying to a formal business, use a formal header at the top of your page. Put a date, your address and the company’s address at the top of the page.
If the recruiter provided their name, begin by Dear Mr./Mrs., etc. If you don’t know the person you are addressing, write, “To Whom It May Concern”.
Paragraph 1
Introduce yourself in 1-3 sentences. State the job you are applying for, why you are applying for the job and how you got information about the job.
Paragraph 2
In the second paragraph, you explain why you are a great fit for the job. Your main aim here is to sell yourself. Respond directly to the job description. Describe how your job experiences, skills that you have gained over the years will allow you to perform the job to the best of the company’s needs. Include jobs that you volunteered for to boost your chances. Include words from the job description. Ensure you are humble in your writing.
Paragraph 3
Here, you explain why the company is a great fit for you as a candidate. Answer the question, “How will I benefit from getting hired by your company”? Describe how the company appeals to you, and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship for the two of you. Do some research beforehand about the company and its industry in general. Explain how you will help the company achieve its goals.
Closing Paragraph
Finish out your cover letter strongly. You can state your interest and enthusiasm about the position and how you are looking forward to hearing from them. Tell them you are available at any given time to talk about the opportunity. Don’t fail to thank them for their time and consideration. You may include your phone number and email address.
Sign Off
You can finish off by “Yours Sincerely”, “Yours Faithfully” or “All the best”. Underneath, type your name and your signature.
Tips to consider:
  • Once you’ve finished, go through it to ensure that there are no grammatical errors.
  • Maintain a uniform alignment throughout the document.
  • Don’t use anything less than a 12 font that will strain the eye.
If you follow these tips and steps, then you will be sure to land the job with the big company you are always eyeing. You can also employ custom writing services to help you polish your cover letter to give you an edge over other candidates.