Is It Feasible to Turn a Passion for Blogging into a Career?

A few people have turned blogging into a very successful career. But as you probably already know, there are countless blogs out there, and their owners are not necessarily making a living out of their efforts.
So, if you are thinking of getting into blogging, not just as a hobby, but as a way to earn a living, then there are some points you need to understand first.
First of all, you should know that starting a blog is pretty inexpensive. Setting up a blog site is one of the easiest things to do, and also the cheapest ways to have a site of your own. That said, you will need to have a few other skills to make your blogging career a success.
Learn about Digital Marketing
As a professional blogger, should have a decent grasp of what digital content marketing entails. At the end of the day, if you are getting into blogging for the money, you are running a business. And any good business needs good marketing to be a success.
Without going into details, you should know a few marketing techniques you can use to promote your site and get it the online attention it needs to offer monetization opportunities.
Some of the marketing channels you can try include social media, being a guest poster on similar blogs, and getting endorsements from influential individuals in the niche you are blogging about.
Basically, you should go with the marketing modes that will give you the greatest benefits. So, do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as you explore ways to market your blog.
Keep your Audience Interested
Blogging as a career will also require that you keep your audience interested through fresh content. That means you should be ready to write regularly or at least pay someone to write or create great content for you. While at it, make sure you give your audience value for their time. 
Write about What You Know
It helps to write about a subject you are (or are willing to become) an expert at. Do not struggle to try to blog about topics you are unfamiliar with, especially if you intend to create the content yourself. Writing about things you love and know about in depth will give you greater authority, in addition to, ensuring you always have something of worth to give your audience whenever you sit down to create new content.
Matt from Greece, who has always enjoyed trying new products and writing reviews, started his a blog in 2014 and he has focused it on product reviews that educate and inspire. He advises new bloggers to choose a topic they are passionate about.
Steven from New York, who was working as a journalist for a cybersecurity magazine, started blogging about Internet security, giving tips, endorsing products, and offering deals and coupons for award-winning antivirus and security software that can protect his blog readers from the ever-increasing threats in the cyberspace.
Alex from Ireland, who struggled as a student to make ends meet, and became an expert at saving money using coupons throughout his college years, created a voucher site that today helps people save hundreds of dollars annually.
You can Get Paid to Blog
Your career can still be a success when you decide to blog for others. Obviously, there is a level of satisfaction that comes with creating your own blog, but being a blogger at an established site is also a good way to make a living in this field.
The benefit of this option is that you will start getting paid immediately. You will also have the assurance that your blogging will actually make money. Creating your own blog is fraught with many risks. For one, it could take months before the blog starts making any money for you, if you are lucky.
You don’t even have to be loyal to a single blog. Many professional bloggers work with many companies or sites, making significant amounts of money from their blogging careers. So, finding a blogging job is something worth considering. And who says you cannot have your own blog even as you work as a professional blogger for sites you don’t own?
Take your Blog Seriously
Also, while trying to launch a career as a blogger, you need to get rid of “I’m doing this as a hobby” mentality. Creating web content about things you like can certainly be fun, especially if you have people who follow your work closely as fans. However, you should take blogging seriously if you consider it a career. That means you have to actively seek out opportunities to make money off your blogging.
Such options include getting companies like Google to advertise on your site so that you earn when people visit your site. You can also post sponsored content, but without ruining the content quality your audience has come to expect from your blog.
Be a Learner
A blogger also needs to be open to learning. Many bloggers out there had no clue their successful money-minting sites would turn out the way they did when they started out. But with patience and a willingness to learn, they set up blogs that turned into raging monetary successes.
Similarly, you should be open to learning if you are to succeed as a blogger. For instance, your blog will need things like a good ranking on Google. That means you will have to learn more about how these rankings are made to ensure your site is better-positioned in search engine results.
In Conclusion
So, you can definitely have a successful career as a blogger. All you need is to put in the appropriate effort. If you can learn more about content marketing, offer your bloggers value for their time, and be open to learning new things about the field, then you can certainly succeed as a blogger.