Learn About Health Disparities in Denver!

Are you interested in learning more about health disparities? If you are a pre-health student, this is a particularly important topic to explore. Understanding health disparities is key to recognizing and responding to the needs of our community, and your knowledge will be tested in interviews for professional programs. What better way to learn more about health disparities than by reflecting on opportunities, challenges, and obstacles in our own community. The HDD workshop is unique in that many disciplines will be represented to give participants the opportunity to analyze health disparities from a number of lenses.
Consider attending the Health Disparities in Denver (HDD) workshop on April 20 & 21!
Pre-Health Advising & CCESL will be hosting a workshop for students to learn more about the social determinants of health and how these obstacles can lead to health disparities and compromised health outcomes. The workshop aims to help students gain a better understanding of the realities facing those living entrenched in resource-limited conditions.