Powering Through the Winter Slump: 5 Tips for Making the Most of Winter Days

Ever feel a bit sluggish and down during the winter? Feel a cold coming on? With the days getting shorter and weather colder it can become harder to stay motivated and healthy during the winder. This greatly affects our productivity and overall health/wellness in school, internships, and work. Here are some tips to over coming the winter slumps.
Get outside- even for 20 minutes.
We are lucky that Denver has over 300 days of sunshine and although it may not be warm, getting outside for 20 minutes for a quick study break or walk helps circulate your blood and lymph system giving you a nice pick-me-up.
 Make social plans. Start a book club.
Interestingly, Carnegie Mellon doctors found that hanging out with friends combats stress and keeps you healthier. Individuals with larger social networks produced more flu fighting antibodies so surround yourself with friends and others who make you happy.
 Healthy snacks are key.
Ever feel yourself hitting an afternoon crash? Eating fewer sugary and high carbohydrate foods will help you avoid this feeling. Therefore, stocking up on healthy snacks such as fruit, veggies, nuts, and almond butter will keep you full and sustained throughout the afternoon.
Stock up on your own pens and pencils.
Studies show that cold and flu germs are passed through hand-to-hand contact so you may want to reconsider borrowing pens/pencils with classmates. Instead, stock up on plenty of your own so you can avoid contracting a virus.
Take your vitamin C.
Fun fact: In the 1940’s, Dr. Klenner cured tons of diseases such as chicken pox, measles, and polio using vitamin C alone. This vitamin is loaded with properties that fight off infectious diseases and help to heal your body so consider adding a dose of vitamin C to your morning routine.

Need a little extra motivation? Follow some of the best healthy life-style bloggers on Instagram. These accounts full of delicious looking food, workout ideas, and inspirational quotes may help foster a bit of extra motivation during the long winter months.