Rising Tech Jobs in 2018: Where You Should Apply

Even though technology has become pervasive throughout every part of our daily lives, vacancies in the IT sector aren’t quite as prevalent.
But there are some positions in the sector which are growing in demand, and poised to become some of 2018’s hottest IT jobs.
Cloud Architect
Everyone is making the switch to the cloud, from home users to massive enterprises like airlines and governments. But the demand for experts in cloud services far outstrips the supply of professionals with the skills, because To do this job, you need to know a lot about cloud technology and configuring it to meet the needs of each enterprise. Cloud Architects are always in demand, and it’s hard for companies to find experts specializing in specific areas, like the Internet of Things (IoT).
There is especially a need for cloud architects within cities, as towns and councils begin to engage with the cloud to provide better integration for the management of assets like parking, street lighting and services like water and waste management.
Data Scientist
The amount of data we create in our everyday lives is unprecedented. Our digital footprints span Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and so much more.
With all this data, it’s no wonder the McKinsey institute projects we’ll be short on data scientists over the coming years. Data scientists are something of a unicorn in the tech landscape, possessing the rate ability to transform human knowledge and expertise into complex machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence models.
Big data, and how to best make use of it, is also one of the largest crossovers between IT and other industries, like marketing and communications.
Mobile Developer
Mobile engineers for both iOS and Android are in high demand, as the IoT takes off and more and more companies start to put mobile first.
But it isn’t just big companies that can make an impact in the mobile scene. Developers with an entrepreneurial mindset can also benefit from the prevalence of mobile devices. Look at the example set by TrackMySubs. Launched in 2016, TrackMySubs made waves through the app market with just a small team. Currently the app’s infrastructure is maintained by just two developers, who work alongside Founder Gabe Alves and his wife Belynda, proving that even small businesses and budding start-ups are seeking IT professionals with this expertise.
Cybersecurity Analyst
Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing areas in IT today. Hardly surprising considering the eruption of new threats unleashed daily, from Malware to DDoS attacks. The current boom in the cryptocurrency market has encouraged hackers to become even more bold and creative, and so it’s understandable that the fields of cybersecurity and infosec have started to follow suit.
This is another area where having an entrepreneurs mind can really pay off. Father & Son start-up CryptoMove secured US $6 Million in funding last year, and boasts clients as large as the US Department of Homeland Security, impressive achievements for a start-up who only launched in 2016.