Role of English language in India

Role of English in India
English has been playing an important role in our educational system as well as in our national life. It is through English that we have shared the wisdom of the West and that the West has shared with us our intellectual and spiritual heritage.
Views of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan: “English is the only means of preventing our isolation from the world. If we give up English because of sentimental urges, we would cut ourselves from the living stream of ever growing knowledge”
Views of Nehru: “one hundred and fifty years of intimate contact has made English an integral part of our educational system and this cannot be removed without injury to the cause of Indian education”

The official Language:
            English has been the official language of the country for more than 200 years. It has been declared as the associate Official Language of the union for an indefinite period by an Act of Parliament in 1963. as such it dominates the administrative work throughout the country.

World Language:
            Emphasizing the importance of the knowledge of English, the Radhakrishnan University Education Commission observed, “English is a language which is rich in literature- humanistic, scientific and technical”. Over 50% of world’s newspapers, over 50% of world’s scientific and technical periodicals and more than 60 % of world’s radio stations use English as medium of communication.

Language of International Trade and Commerce:
            Business and Trade across the country are carried on through English. Even semi literates on travel and trade promoted to use English for conversing people of other states and to exchange ideas and views. For bringing about revolutionary changes in various fields such as agriculture, medicine, industry, transport, telecommunication, etc., we have to be in touch with the outside world. It is possible only with the knowledge of English.

Scientific and Technical language:
English is a rich store house of knowledge. Discarding English will amount to closing a window on the world of technology. If English is not given due consideration, we will fall back hundreds years and never will be able to catch up economically with the developed countries.

In Social Life:
            English plays an important role in the social life of the country. The highly educated and sophisticated sections of our society find it prestigious to talk in English, they write letters in English. Ceremonials like marriages and other parties’ invitations are mostly in English. Most of the educated people put their signatures in English.

Window on the Modern World:
            Jawaharlal Nehru has rightly said, “English is our major window through which we can see the scientific, technological, agricultural and commercial development taking place in the world. English si the only language through which we have distilled essence of modern knowledge in all fields of human activity.

Link language :
            English is our national link language, as India is a multilingual country. It is the only language which is understood in all states. In the other states, without the knowledge of English, one will become an Alien in our own country. It is only through English that we have established the social, economic, cultural and political relations with other countries of the world.

Library Language:
            Largest numbers of reference books on subjects like science, technology, language, medicine, engineering, agriculture etc. are available in English language. Kothari Commission said, “English should be the most useful library language in higher education.

Court Language:
            English still continues to be the language of the courts. So far there is no other suitable language for legal business, not only at the Supreme Court but also at the High courts and District courts. Cases are presented and judgements given are in English.

Being in Education:
            English plays an important role in the field of education. It is taught compulsorily in most of the states in the country. It is the medium of instruction in  the public schools, technical, medical, law and other institutions.

Keeping in view the role of English, we cannot dispense with the study of English. Indians can neglect its study at their own risk.