The DO’s and DON’Ts of the NEW Pioneer Careers

Pioneer Careers, DU’s job and internship system, recently went through an update, and we wanted you to have some information to help make the most of the new system.

Do your research!
  • Pioneer Careers now has a variety of Research Tools to help you target companies that have successfully recruited DU students.  Find out salary data, offer timelines and job sources.
Don’t miss out!
  • Did you know that you can “opt-in” to a newsletter where the system will automatically alert you to new job and internship opportunities and upcoming events? Simply go to account settings in the upper right corner of your screen, select newsletter settings and choose your preferences.
Do find opportunities meant for YOU!
  • Rather than scrolling through hundreds of job and internship postings, narrow down your search by specifying Type of job, Job Function and Industry.
Don’t overlook OCI (On-Campus Interview) postings!
  • Employers oftentimes elect to conduct interviews here on campus—you can find these opportunities under job postings, OCI tab.
DO complete your profile!
  • This information will be helpful when doing job, internships and event searches.
Don’t forget to keep your contact info up-to date!
  • Especially your phone number…your parents will be glad to hear you got an interview but it’s much better if we can reach you first! Simply click the upper right account settings to make edits.
Do cancel your registration for an event that you cannot attend!
  • Another student may want your spot-simply click my events, the event itself and a “cancel” my registration will appear or cancel through your email confirmation.
Don’t forget to upload your resume!
  • Your submitted resume needs to be in PDF form—allow 2 business days for approval.
Do keep track of your applications!
  • Easy to do under your applied tab in Pioneer Careers.
Don’t hesitate to reach out for help!
  • Contact Daniels Career Services at 303-871-3911 or email with any questions/concerns you may have!  We are here for YOU!