14 Helpful Travel Apps for Adventurers

When you’re planning a road trip or a grand tour of a faraway land, there are many travel apps to help you make the most of your adventure.  With apps that provide planning advice, resources, or easy ways to connect with friends and family, you’ll be ready for wherever the road takes you.

Here’s Our Top Travel App Choices:

1. GateGuru – Whether you’re searching for a good sandwich during your layover or cutting corners to make a tight connecting flight, GateGuru will come in handy. Track your flights in advance, search for alternative flights if you’re bumped, and make use of the airport map to get your last-minute shopping in.
2. TripIt – Keep track of your confirmation emails and reservation numbers in one place. You won’t have to dig through your inbox or keep scraps of paper in your pocket.  Just forward your confirmations to plans@tripit.com to add new documents to your account – they’ll be there when you need them.
3. Evernote – Not just handy for keeping track of your citations or a sources for a group project, the Evernote app allows you to take notes and catalog your important travel documents, including your passport or photos of receipts and booking confirmations.
4. UNESCO World Heritage – The $4.99 charge to purchase this app will pay for itself as you learn about the world’s most interesting, heralded sites. Look at photos and learn about the history and cultures of the top bucket list sites in the world.  Use the app to plan your trip before you go or as a handy reference while you’re adventuring.
5. XE Currency Exchange – Make the most of your experience. Check your exchange rates using the most reliable digital source. Convert and compare currencies so you can experience your expedition to the fullest.
6. Airbnb – Need a bed and all of the hostels are booked? Not a problem. This app will help you find a home for the night, with its 150,000 listings in 190 countries around the world.
7. Dropbox – Camera is full? Upload your files to your Dropbox account and enjoy 2 gigs of free data storage.
8. Wi-Fi Finder – Use this app to check your local area for Wi-Fi hotspots and sort to find free connections. To keep your information safe, be sure to take the necessary precautions and avoid sharing personal or account information in free Wi-Fi zones.
9. Skype Wi-Fi – Now that you’ve found a Wi-Fi connection, with this app you can make a free call home or call to a computer and check in face-to-face.
10. Google Goggles – Whoa! This game-changing app allows you to search Google using any photograph. Need to translate a text or get a free audio tour? Snap a photo and pull up search information automatically.
11. aMetro – “Mind the Gap” easily with this public transit tool. Track your connections and map your closest transportation hubs. With time saved between connections, you’ll be able to make the most of your trip.
13. Tipping Bird – Don’t shock the wait staff by leaving too little or too much. Get advice on local customs around tipping. Feel confident that you’re doing the right thing when the check arrives.
14iMovie – Clip together your most memorable experiences into a video using your handheld device. You’ll have a keepsake to bring home that’s more valuable than any tourist souvenir