If it’s early October, your precocious little ones are settled in their new routines at school, there’s a little nip in the air and the leaves have just started to turn, then it must be time to head to the dark, soulless heart of the Nevada desert for the annual HR Technology Conference
This year, the conference is rolling out CNN’s David Gergen for a panel on workforce trends and featuring a keynote from MIT’s Andrew McAfee, who I’ve been following with interest for years since he published Enterprise 2.0 back in 2009 and got us here at Cornerstone thinking a lot about workplace collaboration and social learning.  He’s got a brand new book now.  But I digress.

There Are Lots of Ways to Find Us at the Conference (and there’s FREE BEER!)

Cornerstone OnDemand is a Platinum Sponsor of the HR Tech conference again this year.  That just means that we take the conference very seriously as the ultimate place for HR practitioners, technology companies, analysts, consultants, and every other interested party to gather in uncomfortably close quarters for a few action-packed days.
Speaking of action-packed, Cornerstone will be all action in Las Vegas next week.  Here’s where you can find us (and I hope you will – we’re friendly and if that’s not enough, we’ve got stuff to give you):
1. The Mothership!! Cornerstone's Booth in the Expo Hall:  No one loves a trade show expo hall more than me (#nobody) and, like me, you don’t want to miss Cornerstone’s happy home right near the front doors.  We will be demonstrating our entire product line, with special emphasis this year on the latest magic happening in Cornerstone Recruiting and Cornerstone Mobile
Depending on when you visit there might be FREE NEW BELGIUM BEER (5-7pm Tuesday) or FREE PINKBERRY (2:30-5:30pm Thursday).  I put those in dramatic all-caps because they’ve earned it.  And they are clients.
And we will have Recovery Kits on Thursday morning for those of you who enjoy our Wednesday night party as much as we will.  See below for more on the party.
2. Key Session!  “Making HR More Data-Driven: Strategy, Technology, and Capability” (Wednesday at 11am in Ballrooms A+B):  Our very special friend and co-worker Jason Corsello will drop science on the role of modern technology in helping HR professionals make data-driven decisions. It’s part of an excellent panel of smart folks moderated by the HR Capitalist Kris Dunn.
3. Key Session!  “Scaling up with Soul: Lessons in Recruiting, Culture and Technology from New Belgium Brewing” (Wednesday, October 8 at 1:30 p.m. in Lagoon ABGH): New Belgium Brewing is a company with a strong culture and ambitious growth plans. Scaling up while maintaining their core identity is a tall order and modern HR technology plays an important roleJenny Briggs will share how New Belgium is transforming its talent initiatives to support growth while sustaining its reputation as a “best place to work” and lessons you can use to recruit new talent while still maintaining the quality your organizational culture.
Are you interested in how to preserve company culture while growing?  Send us a question in advance on Twitter to hashtag #HRTechConfSoul and Jenny will answer live from the stage.  Seriously.
4. Hot Product Demo!  See Why Unified Talent Management Matters. Attend a comprehensive demo session of Cornerstone’s unified talent management suite, which facilitates every part of the employee experience from one unified platform. The demo is scheduled for Thursday, October 9 at 10 a.m. in Demo Room 2 and is open to all conference attendees.
5. Key Session!  “Awesome New Technologies for HR” (Thursday at 1:30pm in General Session):  See and hear live product demonstrations of the most awesome new technology from every part of HR, especially the introduction of Cornerstone’s new “Do You Know?” mobile game.
6. Party like it’s your job!  The Best Party at HRTech 2014 (#facts) (#swagger) (Wednesday from 6:30pm to 1:30pm at the House of Blues Mandalay Bay): Along with our dear friends Aon Hewitt, Appirio and HireVue, we’re throwing the party of the conference, so block out the time in indelible marker. We’ll be serving up drinks, food, a live performance by Third Eye Blind.  I couldn’t make this stuff up.