10 Fun Teaching Strategies for Current Events

For many children, the events of the world around us are foreign and of little interest. In a world where celebrity-driven “news” and meaningless cat videos are the norm, teaching current events via an old-school newspaper can still go a long way toward getting kids to pay attention to the happenings of the globe around us.

But teachers are still committed to illuminating their charges to at least have a passing knowledge of current events, hence that topic’s steadfast remaining at the top of classroom activities. So how do teachers make something as esoteric as current events exciting and relevant?

Today’s centerpiece article on TeachHUB.com addresses current events and making them interesting and relevant. Penned by Janelle Cox, a frequent contributor to TeachHUB.com (and a seasoned educator based on the East Coast), the article lays out 10 teaching strategies to create activities that utilize the newspaper.

Janelle’s articles include:

  • Current Events Scavenger Hunt
  • Is it Newsworthy?
  • Become an Editor
  • Opinion Page
  • And More!

Janelle ends today’s articles like this, in a paragraph with the subhead, “Captain This”:  “The newspaper is known for its amazing, catchy captions. Cut out a dozen photographs from your local newspaper and challenge students to come up with a caption as well as an article just by looking at one of the pictures. Encourage students to use their imaginations and remind them to address the 5 W’s: the who, what, when, where, and why for their article. Before sending students off to get creative, read a few captivating newspaper captions and taglines. This will help students come up with something that will really catch the reader’s eye.”

How do you teach current events in your classroom? Share your ideas with us!