10 Teacher-Tested Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

Are you searching for time-honored classroom activities that celebrate the love-filled holiday called Valentine’s Day? If so, look no further than TeachHUB.com today for classroom activities that will have your kids’ hearts smiling with joy.
Frequent TeachHUB.com contributing writer Janelle Cox, a seasoned educator in the East Coast, today illuminates us on some classroom activities that you can use today.

Janelle’s ideas include:

  • A Note of Kindness
  • Door Decorating Contest
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article by intoning that readers play a rousing game of Valentine’s Day Bingo: “Play a fun game of Valentine Bingo using candy hearts. Give each student a blank bingo board and instruct them to write the following words randomly in each square, hugs, love, wow, cutie, best friends, be mine, 2 cute, hearts, you’re great. Then, using the candy hearts students will play bingo. The first one to get three in a row yells “Valentine’s” and wins!”

What Valentine-related activities do you do in your classroom? Please share your ideas in the comment section.

Fun, Effective Classroom Games for all Grades

It’s a well-established fact that classroom games are very effective in teaching kids a variety of skills.

“Play to learn” is an axiom that many teachers have heard throughout the years, and today, frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Janelle Cox outlines several classroom games that can me altered for students of all ages, including:

  Spot It Fast
  Life-Size Tic Tac Toe
  Without a Word
  And More!

Janelle instructs educators to roll out some classroom games once a week, noting that by doing so, teachers will be engaging and motivating their students.

Do you have any fun learning games that your students love?