5 TeachHUB Video Writing Prompt Favorites

Every week, TeachHUB features one of the hottest YouTube videos with writing prompts for each grade level. Here are our Top 5 favorites. Check out the Teacher Tips page to find the archived prompts (just click the arrows under the prompt) and check back every week for the latest videos to get your students writing.

Marshmallow Test Writing Prompts
K-2: If you were given the marshmallow test, what do you think you would do? Why?
3-5: Why was it difficult for the children to resist eating the marshmallow?
6-8: Describe what is going through one of the kid's mind as (s)he tries to resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow.
9-12: Our culture is one fueled by immediate gratification. What are some other examples of people being unable or unwilling to wait? Is this a positive or negative trend?
9/11 Student Tribute Writing Prompts
K-2: What adjectives would you use to describe the 9/11 police officers and fire fighters?
3-5: What would you say to someone who lost a loved one on 9/11? Write a letter expressing your concern.
6-8: Do you remember where you were on September 11? Describe your experience.
9-12: How is the world a different place than beforeSept. 11?

Put a Ring On It Writing Prompts
K-2: Do you like to dance? Draw of picture of you doing your best move. 3-8: How did dancing help the football team score a touchdown? Create a name for this strategy.
9-12: How does this dancing football sequence overcome high school stereotypes? Is there a high school stereotype that applies to you? How are you different from that stereotype?
Beauty Before and After Writing Prompts
K-2: What do you think makes someone beautiful?
3-5: Would you recognize the girl in the beginning from the final billboard photo? Would you ever want to change so much people didn't recognize you? Why or why not?
6-8: Is your image of your body and your looks affected by how models and stars look? Is that a good or bad thing?
9-12: Do you think the media should represent beauty more realistically or should they stick to these airbrushed models? What is their responsibility to the impressionable people (young or old) whom these images affect?

Modern Day Pirates Writing Prompts
K -2: How are real life pirates different than fictional pirates you’ve seen in the movies?
3-5: Write a story as if you are one of the characters (a passenger on the US ship, a pirate, a Naval officer retaking the ship).
6-8: What other times in history was piracy a problem? Why do you think there is a rise in piracy now?
9-12: Where is Somalia? Using a map, plot the places mentioned in the video. Why is that region difficult to defend against pirates?