Better Classrooms through Professional Development

Today on, we again address a rhetorical question: Why is teacher professional development important?

Statistically, it’s been soundly proven that professional development greatly increases the effectiveness of a classroom and helps develop better students.

Our frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox addresses the important issue of professional development for educators. She asserts that professional development must continue throughout the course of a teacher’s career, from start to retirement.

Janelle notes that professional development must be embedded in the educational system, can produce hard data, and must be ongoing.

In summary, Janelle notes: “Ongoing professional development is the number one way that teachers can stay on top of their profession, and remain an effective teacher. In order for teachers to receive well-designed professional development, leaders must spread it out over a period of time. Above all, it’s important to remember that effective professional development includes collaboration, sustained learning and leadership, research-based information, and active knowledge.”

What have you done to increase your professional skills? Share your thoughts with us!

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