Classroom Management: 7 Fun Ways to Watch a Film

Most teachers have heard the plea many times: “Can we watch a movie in class?” Many succumb, others refuse, but sometimes, a film can add lots to the academic environment.

With that in mind, today on, frequent contributing writer Jordan Catapano, himself a seasoned high school English teacher in the Chicago suburbs, takes a look at the ways to supplement your curriculum with a few films throughout the year.

Jordan’s ideas include:
  • Create the atmosphere
  • Give your reviews
  • Pause and predisct
  • And more!

Jordan sums up his article thusly: “When we keep the objective of learning at the forefront of all we do – including the viewing of fun films in school – then we can design effective lessons that keep students’ minds stimulated. Show films with the goal to encourage thinking in fun ways.”

What ideas do you have for showing films in fun and meaningful ways in your classroom? Share your thoughts with our TeachHUB community!

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