Classroom Management: FAQs on Flexible Seating

For some time now, flexible seating has been a classroom management buzzword swirling around educational circles. Flexible seating is a classroom management style that encourages active student learning and collaboration (if that is sought after).
But with flexible seating comes some common questions, like, “Where do you purchase the seating? How do you introduce it to the students? How do you manage chatty children?”
Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned elementary school educator based in Upstate New York, takes a look at some frequently asked questions on flexible seating (and answers to them).
Janelle first spells out some flexible seating options, including:
·       Stability balls with feet
·       Bathmats
·       Crates
·       Yoga mats
·       And more!
The flexible seating questions Janelle then answers include:
  • Should There be the Same Number of Seats as there are Children?
  • How Do You Introduce and Implement Flexible Seating?
  • How Can You Manage Chatty Children?

And More!
Janelle sums up her article in this manner: “If you are willing to ditch the desks and give up some control, then flexible seating can be a great asset to your classroom. In time, your students will become aware of what seats help them learn best, and for what subject. When you empower children to be a part of their own learning, you will see they will become more engaged and motivated to learn.”
Do you have more questions that were not answered in this article? If so, please feel free to ask in the comment section below and we will get to them as soon as possible.
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