Longer School Days: 49 Teacher Recommendations

Chicago Public Schools has set the scene for our local debate on longer school days. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been pushing his agenda to add 90 minutes to the school day across individual CPS schools, sparking passionate responses from teachers, union leaders, and community members.

In the smartest move yet from this campaign, CPS actually asked TEACHERS how to make the Extended School Day and other scheduling changes successful for both students and teachers. Specifically, they've enlisted VIVA Project, an online community of teachers trying to find a voice in education policy, to consult on the changes coming to CPS schools and districts.

In December, the VIVA Project published their 49 teacher-created recommendations to make the Extended School Day add value, not just minutes, and actually solve problems schools face. While this is specific to CPS< there are lessons to be learned for any schools, districts or school systems considering longer school days.

Here is a quick list published in the VIVA Project's report "Time, Teachers, & Tomorrow's Schools."